When Is It The Right Time To Use Flash?


Houston Web DesignersBuilding a website is a task that demands a lot of planning and decision making. Some of the key issues that need to be determined include the type of program to be used, formatting, layout, sitemap, content and visual aids that will be included. Flash is a program used by some Houston web design specialists. who claim that it is a good choice as it offers several advantages. Along with those benefits are a number of aspects that should be considered first before using Flash on a website.


One of the benefits of Flash as vector animation software is that it is easy to run; the kind of animations it uses are very lightweight so to speak. Flash has always been easy to use and has become even easier as newer versions have been introduced. In fact, it is considered to be the main competitor of HTML in this regard because its loading time is shorter and, thanks to caching, there is no need for unnecessary reloading.


There are also a number of drawbacks when using Flash and it has become the preference of Houston web design specialists to use it in only in specific cases due to some of the following reasons.

  • Text Display – One disadvantage is the way that text is handled by this program as it displays much slower than HTML. This is a real problem when a site consists of more text than visual aids.
  • Mobile Devices – It also does not perform well when used in connection with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. In fact, Flash can only be used for point and click and not touch and swipe devices. Since the internet is being accessed more and more through mobile devices, this is probably the main drawback of Flash in today’s internet world.
  • Building Time – Another issue is that building a website using Flash tends to take longer; it is faster to create a site in HTML than in Flash, depending upon the type of site and content involved.

Complex Animation

It makes the most sense to use Flash when rather complex animation must be included on a website. It also works best on internet pages where video is very important.


Another factor worth noting is that Flash can be run on any browser. In fact, anyone who uses this program is well aware of the fact that very few browser issues get reported, regardless of the type of browser used.

If a video presentation or a series of animations need to be included, Flash may be the right choice in the design of a website. It can also be used in conjunction with HTML, as it can be very effective in the enhancement of a site built using HTML. Houston web design specialists are well aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of using Flash and when this program is used, it is done in the most effective way possible. So when is the right time to use Flash? Let a professional make that decision!

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