What To Avoid Like The Plague When Getting A New Website!


Building a new website is an exciting venture for any person or company and it is important to know both what drives traffic to a website and what drives it away. The best web design is achieved by knowing what to include and what not to include in each individual web design. Following are a few examples of things to avoid when trying to achieve the best web design.

  • Cluttered Main PagesProfessional web design companies know that users do not like to see a busy, cluttered mass of text, images, and links when arriving on a web page, especially a primary one like the Home Page. Most users will simply click off and move on to the next website. Clutter is not only difficult to use, but is also an eyesore that leaves a user confused, frustrated, and frequently not knowing what to click or read first. It is important to keep content and other choices to a minimum, while providing a good overview of what can be found within the website.
  • Difficult Navigation – Creative or cryptic navigation is great for a web design for someone’s personal website. Something like that detracts from user experience when the website design is for a business. Other than simply being overwhelmed by a cluttered homepage, difficult navigation is one of the main reasons that a user clicks off. If the user cannot determine how to easily get from Point A to Point B, most of them will not bother and move on to another website.

  • Misspelled, Unclear Content – Even if a site has a great home page and simple navigation, poorly written or edited content causes click-offs and loss of traffic. Readers want clear, concise, useful, and grammatically correct web pages. Content riddled with spelling and grammatical errors sends the wrong message to readers that website owners are not interested enough to provide good quality information. This works against credibility, and diminishes a user’s desire to spend time on such a site.

  • Any Annoying Advertising – Pop-ups of any kind are disliked by everyone – and this is the one thing that should be avoided like the plague when attempting to create the best web design. They are distracting, slow down loading speed, and detract from user experience. Most website advertising is bothersome, and rightfully so. If advertising is a must, it should be done in the most tasteful way possible, without pop-ups that may turn current visitors into traffic for the competition.

  • Lack of Direction – Not providing clear directions that show a user where to go on a website should be avoided, whether this is due to a missing call to action, hidden social media buttons, or links that blend in with body text. Directive calls to action and social links should be clearly located in important navigation areas to help guide a user through a website. When important linking elements cannot be easily identified, users become frustrated and leave the website.

Naturally, there are other mistakes that can be done when creating the best web design; the ones listed above are some of the main ones. The best web design company understands how crucial these mistakes can be. Therefore, a website owner must realize it is in their best interest to heed the advice of the best web designers and avoid these damaging elements. User-friendly web design requires ease of use, good direction, quality content, and other strong elements to create the best user experience possible!

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