What Is Pinterest And How Can It Help My Website?


Austin_SEOIn the dynamic online world, social media rules in terms of marketing. Many companies reap large benefits from using social media such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter which helps many organizations promote products and services with the help of Houston SEO. The latest and trendiest social media outlet is usually the most desired for companies to use – and right now that outlet is Pinterest.


Pinterest can be described as the newest and latest in the social media world, a simple and unique idea that is a very effective promotional and advertising tool. Users post or pin images and videos to their own virtual bulletin boards. Although somewhat similar to social bookmarking, the difference is members can only post images and videos and share them with friends and others who have the same interests. In addition, contents can be categorized and labeled based on personal preferences.

With this application becoming more and more popular, visitors have found more uses for the website such as wedding planning, collecting interior design ideas, finding recipes, and product marketing. Furthermore, members can join discussion groups, follow, like, re-share, and leave comments on individual posts on the virtual board.

Business Productivity Tool

Pinterest is another helpful tool to use in a successful Houston SEO strategy. This is a great marketing option because the collection of images and videos will speak for themselves; therefore, producing lengthy blogs and content is not a requirement . Pinterest is even better than Twitter and Tumblr because it can more easily deliver an effective and creative promotional strategy.

In a nutshell, Pinterest can help a website through: promotion; expanding links and networks; increasing online prominence and visibility; augmenting sales conversion; generating a rapid return on investment; and boosting profits. The appeal of a virtual board seems to know no end. The site boasts of 10 million users and is expected to double in the following years. By exposing a brand to this vast audience, immense website traffic can be achieved.

Pinterest is the newest social media website created to help people share personal interests through posting photographs and videos on virtual boards. From a businessman’s perspective, it is a trendy platform that can be used to promote and advertise a business and eventually establish branding. When searching to develop, enhance, and achieve a proper internet presence using Pinterest, a Houston SEO company can provide the know-how to get such a project off the ground. Services can be provided that are needed to strategically grow productivity and entice potential customers to patronize the brand – which will most definitely help a business website and its sales!

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