What Is Involved in Clean Website Design?


Houston Web DesignersClean and elegant designs have become a popular trend on the internet today. Clean is often associated with simple and yet that doesn’t make these pages any less appealing to visitors. This design concept is often recommended by Houston web designers to clients and it often exceeds expectations. Being neat and simple can be translated into a consistent and reliable reputation, which could entail the following aspects.

Clean Components

Just imagine having a store where each product is arranged properly and customers can easily find what they need. Similarly, giving a website’s basic components a tidy look will surely offer an enjoyable time to visitors. Here are four essential page components by which this concept can be achieved.

  • Layout – Too complex of a layout can push away users which can be avoided with good structure. A key to having a well-planned website is to use a grid to evenly space the layout. Through this method, hierarchy and consistency can be achieved within the whole layout and a user will have a good browsing experience on each page.
  • Color – Using multiple colors is all right as long as it is goes together and maintains consistency; however, two color combinations are what professionals recommend. Color is a very powerful element and it shouldn’t be overused. Besides, neutral and subtle colors fit almost every theme.
  • Typography – Many people prefer a readable font as well as one that matches the theme of the website. Multiple fonts on a page can become too heavy and make the message incoherent and inconsistent. So most Houston web designers limit fonts to two to maximize consistency.
  • Images – Another powerful tool for communicating products and services over the internet is through images. Using different sizes and styles through the entire website can be annoying to visitors. Harmony and consistency can be created by using borders and other graphical elements.

Design Tips

Below are some helpful tips to create a clean and simple website that is popular with users.

  • Brainstorm – Try to get as many ideas about design concepts as possible and then narrow them down to the best options.
  • Another Opinion – Get a second opinion from someone who is not associated with the project and can approach the idea with a different point of view.
  • Improvements – Always leave room for improvement as it will take a lot of tweaking to achieve a consistent, well-structured and harmonious layout. So tug, twist and tweak to achieve the final outcome.
  • Scrutinize – Print the whole layout, pin it on a board, look at and evaluate every detail to discover flaws and avoid imbalances in the layout.

Clean and neat website designs may look simple but take hard work to achieve a consistent look. Be sure to consider each component carefully, follow the helpful tips mentioned above, and ask the nearest professional to help create a clean website!

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  1. Is a clean look too clean? I myself lean towards that look for example I love everything apple does so I’m obsessed with their website. However being a business owner who caters I’m not sure super white and clean would connect with my target audience?

    • Clean looks are simple and not distracting to viewers. If you’re worried about something being too clean, maybe add an accent color in to help bring it all together.

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