What Is Important To Know About Flat Web Design?


Web design is not static; like many other things, it goes through trends – some good and others better ignored. When it comes to the growing trend of flat web design, College Station Texas web design experts agree that flat design is more than just a trend that will lose popularity but rather something here to stay.

What Is Flat Design?

Flat website design is a style that uses basic web design to create a functional and attractive site rather than using the bells, whistles, and 3D characterize Web 2.0. More designers are now leaning toward the subtle appearance of basic color and shape design while avoiding the flash and dazzle of clear buttons, flash presentations, and gradients or shadows on everything.

Current flat web design compared to a Web 2.0 site reflects cleaner lines, less cluttered layouts, and a more minimal overall look; however, the move to flat design is more than just aesthetic. There are numerous reasons why flat design is being chosen rather than other options – and is a big indicator that it is here to stay.

The Basics – and Benefits – of Flat Design

As College Station Texas web design moves away from the bling of 3D effects toward a flatter, less-is-more look, designers must take into account three main elements of flat design to be successful:

  • Color – With no fancy design elements to attract viewers, web designers must do more by using great color palettes. Blocks of color used as design elements to accentuate headlines and text are taking a front seat where it comes to great web design. Palettes are straying from standard web-safe basics and are being used more creatively than ever before. Color is one of the main elements of flat web design; when used well, it can really makes a website stand out.

  • Typography – Web fonts transformed the stale element of typography into the ability to use beautiful type creatively. Even with such capability still available, web designers are once again turning typeface into a simple design element. The right selection of fonts, chosen for the moods and messages they convey, are an important way to develop an attractive and effective flat website design.

  • Simplicity – Using only color, type, and white space to create effective layouts, flat web design is primarily simplistic, which is one of its greatest assets. It is easy to use, lends itself well to responsive web design viewable on any device or platform, and is functional even in its simplistic design style.

Getting websites viewed and noticed as easily as possible is the main goal of all College Station Texas web design. Because of the way the internet is now being searched on so many different devices and platforms, it is essential to have lighter code and fewer bells and whistles as a part of an attractive, functional design. This suggests that the trend back to basic web design demonstrates that the move to flat design is the future of good, effective web design – and not just another fad!

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