What Has 2012 Brought To The Web Design World?


Houston_Web_DesignIt is understandable that the web design revolution is unstoppable. Constant changes are always happening that need to be not only applied but embraced. As the internet move from forward, web design has been more dynamic and interactive with viewers and visibility trends. The year 2012 has become more trendy and keeping up with overall appearance, usability, and navigability. Even Austin website design professionals are finding new ways to provide responsive, attractive, and engaging user-interface targeting both psychological and emotional aspects of potential viewers. Truly the year 2012 has brought a lot of changes in web design trends. Below are a few of the latest vogues happening in the current year.

Responsive Web Design

The expansion of mobile technology is hard to ignore. Online users are visiting website pages from various hand-held devices and browsers. So way must be found to enhance the responsiveness and adaptability of a website to various screen sizes and resolutions. In fact, different techniques and various layout principles have been found to provide a flexible or fluid website and offer a much better user experience on any size screen.


Information graphics or the visual representation of information has become a popular trend attracting millions of online searchers. This was used primarily in schools for educational purposes; however, there are many websites utilizing Infographics to inject visual interest and display content in a unique way. Information graphics is a wonderful tactic to make a website more interactive, engaging, and interesting.


For Austin website design experts to make a site unique and attractive, suitable typeface should be used to provide an edge and impress viewers. This element is an integral layout component as it displays information in a clear and comprehensible manner. It is an exciting element that creates graphical accents, visual hierarchy and punctuation that can grab the attention of potential consumers.

Background Images

In today’s global market, creative background images have become attention-grabbing and valuable elements to the design process. Putting background images on an overall layout is a stimulating factor that allows surfers to engage and partake in all that a website has to offer. This also sets the tone, provides context, attracts viewers, and potentially augments business sales as well.

Combining HTML5 and CSS3

The newest version of hypertext markup language is HTML5 offering features supported by most browsers. With HTML5, developers can amend and update existing code to accommodate new features and promote the fluidity and flexibility of the website. CSS3 can boost the flexibility with which content is presented to viewers; if the two are combined, a highly functional and attractive website can be created.

The present online technological trends are influencing Austin website design professionals to embrace the ongoing changes in the design process. The above are only a few of the noticeable trends in 2012 directed to focusing, prioritizing and keeping a satisfying user experience. Trends will always exist and many predicted great designs will soon be implemented and need to supported. Despite of the changes, it is still important to remember not to complicate a layout but keep it simple and intuitive to capture most consumers interest – and hopefully some of their purchases!

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  1. Is it important to keep renewing your site’s design? I think mine looks good even though it’s a lot older.

    • Yes it is very important. As technology improves, you want your site to be up to date as well. Also, design has changed quite a bit in the last few years

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