What Does Your E-Commerce Website Really Need?


Competing with other businesses on the web is a multifaceted job. There must be decent web presence and a good reputation in order attract customers. Besides the promotional aspect of any internet presence, a business must have a great website design. If a company expects to grow, it is essential they pay close attention to how their e-commerce website is designed and the experience it provides to a user!

Make Selling Easy

The last thing a customer wants to deal with is an improperly functioning website. Customers want to find what they are looking for quickly and make their purchase easily. Therefore, the best website design is essential to keep a visitor on a web page. Following are what should be included in that design:

  • Access on Multiple Devices – Responsive website design is critical in order to attract customers, with web pages that can be accessed quickly and completely. Loss of a sale because a site that does not work on a smart phone or tablet must be avoided as that sale will go to a competitor who has that capability. Shopping applications are recommended to help with this issue.

  • Easy Navigation – An e-commerce website must load quickly and allow for simple, direct movement within the website. Navigation must be as simple as possible, especially for mobile and tablet use. Good website design, created for a particular business and the type of customers it is trying to attract is imperative for business success.

  • Easy Checkout – Getting a customer’s purchases through checkout is the final step for any successful e-commerce website, although it can be the most difficult step. Customers must know that their order was completed and their personal information secure. Clear representation of what is in their cart at checkout and purchase acknowledgment is important. Buyers who lack this confidence before they complete the purchase may abandon their carts.

Customer Needs Come First

To reach the purchase point, shoppers must have a positive experience with a company and its e-commerce website. This involves good website design, SEO, and a great reputation to keep a company at the top in the SERPs as well as other important factors about the website itself:

  • Good Content – Regardless of the product being sold, the copy used to describe and explain what is being offered should be high-quality, well-written, and answer typical customer questions. After all, there is more to selling a product than simply size, color, and composition. Providing that information, along with great images as a part of planned website design, is the best way to serve consumers. Any customer question should be answered immediately; however, providing the information in the first place reduces the extra effort required by both buyer and seller.

  • Great Customer Support – Questions or complaints received by a company should be handled seriously and quickly. Emails should be acknowledged promptly. Onsite chat ability and other means of helping with site use, searching, or other problems is important. It is also crucial to ask for feedback as this is how a company really learns if their website design functions properly.

In order to have a booming online business with an outstanding e-commerce website, a business must make customers’ user experience the top priority. This begins by choosing the right website design with features that customers can use to find what they want – and ultimately lead to making a purchase!

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