What Does Change To a Website Involve?


Texas Web Design FirmDue to the very nature of the internet, technology and the need for greater website functionality is constantly changing which causes many companies to need a Texas web design firm to create an entirely new web presence. Such a direction is not necessarily a bad idea; however, it can end up being a huge mistake.

Lessons learned from large companies that retain their current website is that it is often much better to add new ideas slowly to a current design rather than surprise customers one day with a totally different website that looks nothing like the previous one. Although meant to provide better service, many times the unexpected change creating a need to re-discover a website can actually cause a reduction in traffic, which is the opposite of what was intended.

A good web design firm knows that through iterative design, modifications can be carefully implemented over time without that element of surprise that turns people away.


There is a lot of truth in the statement that people generally do not like change to anything from a brand of food purchased at the grocery store to the quality of a certain line of clothing. The internet has now become a part of this phenomena, proven by studies that profitability can take a downward slide when something as substantial as a website overhaul is done. Yet it cannot be overlooked that advances in page design are a necessary way to keep up with the rest of the world – so change is necessary.

Psychological Aspects

What both business owners and web creators need to take into account is that doing business on the internet is affected by much more than the product or service that is offered. There is a whole psychological aspect to the creation and promotion of these web pages and doing business on the internet. Completely revamping a recognized website goes against the human nature of enjoying familiar things.

Discreet Change

In order to determine whether it is safe to drastically modify a website, a Texas web design firm should first analyze an existing website for its functionality to see how well it is being used by the intended audience. Obviously, a poorly designed site needs to be refurbished; in such cases, even with an element of surprise, there can be a very positive effect. When a website has a good, solid design and has been functioning well for a long time, the best option for making changes would involve discretion by doing it in ways that would not be immediately evident, allowing users to slowly adjust to the modifications.

No Major Changes

Making changes to things such as color palettes, logos, main page layout, or any of the other important things that identify a brand is often like playing with fire. These visual elements are the things that help to identify a particular business, so changing such components can have a negative effect which could cause lower site traffic and possible decreased profitability. This is why major companies stick with what has worked for years, only making a few subtle modifications to stay current with the times.

By using measured design changes, a business stands the best chance to keep up with the progression of the internet without turning away customers. Thinking in terms of the user, websites should be easy to use, easy to remember and provide visitors with a pleasant experience in order to be considered efficient. By gradually transitioning customers into site additions and changes, there is a much greater chance such changes will be accepted and new implements used rather than rejected. To enable this kind of improvement, finding a good Texas web design firm is a great way to explore the options without the risk of damaging brand or company profits!

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  1. So according to this article, I shouldn’t change the colors of my site or the logo? I want a sleeker site, can I do that while keeping the look and feel of my old one?

    • You can definitely make your site cleaner and sleek and still keep the look and feel of your old one. That’s important especially if you’re an established brand! If you use your same logo and color scheme, maybe some important elements from your old site it shouldn’t be a problem!

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