What Do You Know About Progressive Web Apps?


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As more users go mobile and app development is at an all-time high, Google has once again changed the landscape of mobile web design. Striving to build a better app, Google now defines progressive web apps as the best solution to the question of whether to design a mobile website or a mobile app.

By combining the qualities of both, progressive web apps are quickly proving themselves to be a better alternative and definitely the focus of web design services as this newer technology advances. Offering many benefits over standard mobile websites, progressive web apps or PWAs are something that today’s web designers will want to notice.

What Is A Progressive Web App?

In the most basic terms, a progressive web app is a mobile website that web designers create to work like a mobile app. Extensive research has shown that mobile apps are generally more user-friendly, and preferred over actual mobile websites. Still, apps do have a few downsides, including the need to actually find and install them.

Progressive web apps, built by experienced web design services, solve both of these problems. They are more user friendly than many mobile websites and function like an app without the need to download and actually install one.  

How Do Progressive Web Apps Work?

A progressive web app serves as a website yet functions like a mobile app. It can be used on any browser or device, does not require downloading or installing, can be bookmarked or the URL copied like any other mobile website, and can be searched through a browser. It works exactly like any other mobile website except for the fact that a PWA is designed to give the user experience of an app; including push notifications and other popular web design features that users associate with apps.

What Are Some PWA Benefits?

Studies on mobile app and website use have indicated that one main issue with mobile apps is they must be downloaded and installed. This and the fact that not all apps work on all devices is thought to result in about a 20 percent user-loss when a person either cannot install the app or decides not to do that. PWAs can be searched, meaning they can be integrated into SEO marketing.

They are progressive in that they provide a richer experience based on the type of device and screen being used, from phones all the way to desktops and respond to user activity in a variety of ways. They are becoming preferred over regular mobile websites since they load even faster than accelerated mobile pages.

Google’s Focus

In the past few years, Google has focused on developing efficient ways for web designers to easily cater to the mobile-using public. While this is a big step forward in increasing user-friendliness and mobile function, mobile website development is now being surpassed with the development of the progressive web app. Determined to be the perfect combination of a searchable website and native mobile app, PWAs are the next big thing in mobile design and function.

Although this technology is still in its infancy, an important plus is that according to Google, PWAs should be easier for web design services to develop and implement than a stand-alone app or a mobile website. With these kind of positives, a PWA may be the perfect answer for many web designers and their clients!

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