What Distinguishes Web Design from Web Development?


Texas_Web_DesignIn order to have the best website whatever its usage may be, it is important to first know a little bit about the process of website creation. It will be easier for a Texas web design professional to have a site perform as desired by a client when the development process is understood. Many times there is unintended miscommunication between a client and a developer because a customer does not understand all internet design terminology, especially certain common phrases such as web design and web development.

When speaking of these two terms, it is actually easy to point out the differences: design is what a visitor to a website sees, while development is what causes a web page or site to look and act a particular way. Even simpler, a designer make it look good while a developer makes it work right.


In simplest terms, website design is basically page layout applied to an internet page. It involves the way a site looks: general arrangement of page elements; color palettes; font styles and handling; images; headers; logos; and anything other seen element. A great page layout incorporates all of these elements to give a certain impression to readers and relay a specific message. Texas web design professionals frequently have more of an art background that is accompanied by some development training, although a stronger function is to take code and produce something that looks great and performs all necessary functions.


In contrast to site design, the main concern of development is functionality. Getting a page to perform in a certain way, whether it be display, navigation, or any other action that has nothing to do with a page’s visual appearance. Developers are closer to being programmers than layout artists, although knowledge about main layout aspects is necessary. This is where more complex development issues arise such as some type of custom functionality, it is where a designer would be lost in such a complex development issue.

Besides being able to communicate with web-building professionals, anyone interested in having website created needs to understand these differences in order to hire the right person. Paying a designer to do certain functionally detailed work is much better handled by a developer who knows more about website efficiency and SEO as well as other areas that could greatly affect a website’s profitability. The same is true in the opposite direction; a developer may not understand how important the use of color and typeface is in certain applications and how incorrect usage can negatively affect a website.

There are many Texas web design professionals who are skilled in both aspects of website creation and it is definitely more useful to a customer for one firm to be able to fill both shoes. Business needs should be carefully analyzed if a specialist in one of these areas is necessary so that the right one us chosen. By using the best of each expertise, website designers and developers can work together to create a functional, good-looking website while taking advantage of the latest standards and ideas on both sides of the coin. When a distinctive look is combined with optimal functionality, a website can outperform other sites that do not take these two different aspects into account – it is indeed an important distinction to know and understand!

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