Website White Space – How To Best Use It!


There are many obvious elements that come together to create an attractive website, including the use of color, type size, font style, images, and more. These are the main concepts that come to mind when thinking of website design in general. The best web designers in College Station TX do know that there is a less obvious design element that is just as valuable as the others Рwhite space. Used in many different ways and as a major design element itself, white space is more important in today’s fresh design than some may realize.

What Is White Space?

White space is much more than just the space on a page that is not filled with other things. It is partially responsible for bringing an entire design together; it is able to portray mood, personality, level of importance, and many other invisible yet essential qualities. Used well, white space performs with all the other page elements to create a smooth, cohesive design. If it is used poorly, white space can detract from a design enough that all other elements don’t look as well as they should. Although technically the lack of anything else within a certain space, white space is an actual design element that can help get the most from other features.

What Is Considered Effective Use of White Space?

There are many things that effective web design in College Station can accomplish with the effective use of white space. In its simplest application, white space improves readability when kerning and line width are properly adjusted. It can help accentuate headlines and other important text by allowing it to be distinctive in the web page as well. Functionally, the amount of white space present is directly related to page loading speed and other more mechanical aspects of website function for users on different devices.

On a less technical and more aesthetic level, white space is used as a design element to guide readers through a website and focus on what designers want them to see. White space is essential in the creation of various reader perceptions as well, with the balance of white space and the accompanying use of type, color, and images creating different personalities, whether elegant, professional or more casual.

How Is White Space Used In Current Web Design?

With the advent and growing need for responsive design to view a website on multiple devices, the role of white space in web design has never been more important. With the lighter, more streamlined visual style found on most responsive web designs, white space must be considered as a design element and a way to effectively and attractively shape a page without the use of anything other than type and a few basic images. Responsive design takes the use of white space to new heights in the creation of website personality, usability, and clean, clear readability, all of which are essential aspects of current website design.

Why is this important? Unless designers view white space as an actual element of web design, not just empty space, the advantages of designing with white space are wasted. The best web designers in College Station know this fact, how white space provides a vivid way to achieve many website goals when properly used. Designers looking to improve the look, message, and function of any website really must consider the use of white space to improve user appeal and experience!

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