Website Visual Consistency – 3 Important Areas of Concern!


The best web designers know that consistency is essential in online design, since lack of consistency causes disruption. Website appearance is an important part of creating an online identity, which makes visual consistency a critical part of effective web design. An experienced web design company understands the relationship between visual consistency and relaying the right message – which is the primary purpose of a quality website. To get the most consistent look and feel in any web design, there are three specific areas to focus on to create a well-designed website.

1. Color is More than Just… Color

One of the most important features that every great web design needs is the well-planned, strategic use of color. Although it begins with the choice of an appropriate color palette, there is much more than just that. Color should be used as a design element, using shape and shade to emphasize, direct, and more. Experienced and skilled web designers know that color creates emotion and mood, which helps convey a message. This can only happen when color design is carried through from the first page to the last. When a certain hue is used in a specific way, that hue should be used consistently even if the actual colors change. If color is used to help direct navigation or guide a reader’s eye in a certain direction, it must used that way throughout the entire website. Otherwise, the message is lost and the user is lost as well.

2. Fonts – Website Friend or Foe?

Typography is beautiful; however, it is not just words; it is also the feeling in those words created by the visual look of a certain typeface. Choosing the right font to achieve the best web design is just as essential as choosing the right colors, as it helps create a desired effect and message. Once again, consistency is also critical. When using a specific font in a certain way on a website, that particular font takes on an additional purpose as a link, call to action, or a headline. All of this helps a user understand meaning, actions, and the website’s intended message. Mixing fonts creates website havoc, which is why the best web design company keeps their typography consistent in terms of size, weight, color, and usage throughout the entire website.

3. User Friendly Layout and Interface

Other than colors and fonts, the best web designer should ensure the overall layout and design elements are used consistently throughout the website. There are many ways in which images, navigation, shape, and functionality can be used; however, a great layout is useless if those specifics change from page to page. An effective web design has consistent menus across the entire website in the same location on every page. Images, video, and other media should be presented in the same way; it should be easy to understand how and why it is being used.

Although it may seem obvious, well-respected web designers know that all elements and effects are used consistently throughout a website to prevent confusion or lose effect. An effective web design company must apply consistency to all visual elements to create as smooth and predictable user experience as possible. This is the job of an esteemed and respected web design company – to provide a business with a website that is useful, consistent, and visually appealing!

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