See A Website Through Spider’s Eyes Not Yours!


Houston_SEO_ServicesWeb crawlers are essential in improving a website’s visibility to any search engines, scanning pages to gather information to be ranked and displayed when certain information is requested. Important relevant information is gathered and eventually stored in a search engine database for further processing. So when using Houston SEO services to optimize a website to increase visibility, it is vital to ensure that it is seen through the spider’s eyes.

Spiders are very selective in terms of collecting information and will easily discriminate against websites which appear irrelevant. Once crawling a page, the only things seen are what interests them and for which they are programmed to read. Optimizing a website to be seen by these crawlers relies on keywords typed by users in a search box and are critical to obtain a good page ranking.

Following are few things that cannot be read by search robots when visiting certain online pages.

  • Java Script Links – Java Script is a wonderful scripting language and a very efficient programming tool; however, it is nearly impossible for Java Script to be seen by online robots. When used to manage a website’s navigation system, the crawlers may have difficultly scanning it for relevant information resulting in an indexing failure. Spiders do not have the capacity to interpret Java Script links and will likely disregard the page or read the entire contents as plain text.
  • Flash – Flash is a tool designed to allow animation to be displayed on the web. It enables movies to load rapidly and users to have a good experience. Search engine robots utilize trailing-edge technology. They are not capable of translating current technologies such as flash media and banners. So although flash animation and banners are fun, they are invisible to the eyes of a spider.
  • HTML Frame Tags – Crawlers are not a cutting-edge tool but are used as a modern technique in page ranking. They are so low-tech as to not even understand about HTML frames. If frames are used in a web design by a Houston SEO services company, an online robot will be able to see a homepage that carries the ‘frameset’ but cannot trace the individual frame tags that build the rest of the page. To resolve this issue, a designer can include a ‘noframes’ portion on the homepage and fill in real content to make a website visually attractive to search engine robots.
  • Query Strings – Query strings are essential components of the Uniform Resource Locator (URL); however, they are not easily read and remembered by crawlers. Google and other search engines do not even consider query strings because additional record-keeping is needed by online robots. In fact, the url itself is a barrier to spiders because they gather all visited sites information and ensure to not visit them again. This is achieved by matching newly collected url’s to a list of stored ones on their database. Search engine spiders disregard URL’s that have query strings.

There are different strategies to use when attempting to rank a website at the top of page rankings; however, it does require modern methods to optimize a site so spiders can visit, gather information, store data, and index the pages. Many website owners want one that is beautiful and full of animations to capture consumers interest which poses a problem because spiders are discriminating when visiting websites and often ignore any with java links, flash animation or banners, frame tags, and query strings. To prevent this from happening, a Houston SEO services company must ensure that such formats are avoided and create an internet page that is visible and seen through the spiders’ eyes!

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    • You can use graphics, just don’t overdo it, and use an alt text as your keyword so the spiders can “read” the image. It is best to use more text though, and incorporate keywords in as long as you don’t overdo it.

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