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With so much business occurring online, having a good website is critical for a Houston SEO Services company to be competitive. More than ever, consumers look to the internet to make purchases before even considering getting in the car. Many companies and organizations have a great opportunity for wider audiences; however, it is imperative to have a functional website which is more difficult to achieve from every web page than imagined . The trick is knowing what ideas are likely to work with each type of page, each region, or each product being sold, all subjects that Houston SEO services experts can analyze for optimal effectiveness.


Starting with the more basic elements that can affect web page performance would include:

  • Design – Design ranks as number one in importance. A page that is poorly designed, hard to navigate, or does not generate fast enough is a definite deterrent to visitors, almost guaranteeing that they will not stay for long, especially if other sites are available where the same information can be found.
  • Layout – Layouts that are much too crowded and have too much information in a small space can be just as detrimental as not having enough information.
  • Content – Having poor quality content with little value is not enough. Grammar is critical, and a fast way to lose credibility among potential customers if the page is filled with typos and other errors.
  • Colors – Color schemes definitely affect the length of stay for website visitors, so select colors that are easy on the eye and promote good readability and positive moods for the best viewer results.

Beyond Basics

Beyond the basics, there is of course the infamous “SEO” or search engine optimization, which is also very important although not the only element to be considered in the creation of a well-engineered and profitable website. Yes, keywords, key phrases and recognition by search engines is an ever-changing detail that should be maintained; however, even with a high ranking it is still possible for a website to have poor results.

Analyzing things such as number of hits, length of hits, repeat visitors and other demographics are useful in determining if there are problems with the website that can be changed. Web analytic programs or even analysis provided by a professional Houston SEO services company are of great value when trying to determine where a problem may lie.

Other Considerations

There are other points to consider in internet performance and it is entirely possible that a page is actually functioning a lot better than it initially appears. Things like email subscribers, feed subscribers, downloads of free information, social forwards and “likes,” twitter follows, Facebook friending all add to performance even if it does not result in a direct sale. All of these non-sale actions are potential sales, as the message of a website is spread further than its initial reach. Statistically, this will eventually result in some positive action on the website.

Therefore, free referrals such as those mentioned above should definitely be included when analyzing website effectiveness. While the number of sales and other concerns such as the percentage of abandoned shopping carts can tell a lot, it will not tell the whole story of what is happening behind the scenes and across the internet in regards to a specific page. It can help a business owner decide where advertising dollars can be more wisely spent and if a push for more social media exposure would be beneficial versus the more traditional ad-based marketing through Google or some other type of advertising medium.

Marketing is a tricky subject no matter what is being sold, whether it is a product, a service or information. This is something that will never change; the only way to successfully make it work is to learn about good marketing and then apply it to good websites. Given that this is such a broad and in-depth subject, utilizing a professional provider of internet services can be a cost-effective way to achieve better site marketing to gain better results. Even a professional Houston SEO services analysis alone can be an invaluable tool in pointing a net-savvy website owner in the right direction on where to concentrate when looking to improve statistics. Getting a website to achieve to its fullest potential is definitely a mulch-faceted undertaking yet very essential to survive on the internet!

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  1. Great article! I find it so interesting that so much goes into a web site, not just throwing something up, but making it a selling tool. Thanks for all the great info!

    • Thanks Danny! You’re right, there’s way more that goes into a site. You definitely can’t just throw something up and expect to be ranked instantly, it takes time, effort and a good SEO company to do the trick!

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