Website Graphic Design – What Will Happen in 2019?


The world of website design sees many new ideas and trends each year that come to light as website designers push their skills and design boundaries to come up with more beautiful and functional designs.

Moving into 2019, things are no different as some strong trends are already taking precedence.

Web design services can expect to see some great ideas this year in design, including the re-emergence of some ideas from the past that are making new appearances in creative ways.

1. Minimalism and Simplicity

Partly due to the importance of being mobile-friendly, website design continues to get simpler and more minimalist.

From entire layouts to branding and website graphics, the trend of removing confusing details and finding simple yet effective ways of getting a message out is growing.

2. Nostalgia

Nostalgia has become a prominent idea that many website designers are looking at to create beautiful and unique sites in mid-century styles.

Vintage graphics and typefaces will play starring roles in these designs, accompanied by more modern elements that give them a fresh look in this new approach to creating that old-time feel.

3. Duotones and Gradients

Color always plays an important role in web design, with trends of using duotones and gradients that started growing a year or two ago becoming even more prominent.

Web design services are finding newer, more unique ways to use duotones by incorporating gradients as well as striking color changes to get more from smaller color palettes.

4. Galaxy Colors and Effects

Blues and violets are among the most popular colors showing up in website design, although creative designers are taking them one step further these days with backgrounds made to look like space.

Galaxy effect backgrounds and graphic elements add visual depth and a nice combination of darker base colors and brighter highlights.

5. Colored Typefaces

2019 is the year of the font, with one of the growing trends being the use of colors and gradients within larger display typefaces.

The use of vector fonts with different colored patterns and effects is on the rise, as some website designers use type itself as a means of grabbing attention in otherwise minimalist layouts.

6. Handwritten and Hand Drawn Typefaces

Another quickly growing trend is the use of handwritten typefaces to create moods and web design services are spending more time creating custom, hand-drawn fonts for their different designs.

7. Gifs and Video

The use of gifs and animation in website design is another trend that has been growing in popularity and designers are becoming even more creative with it.

Cinematic gifs have become a focus in the use of gifs, especially considering the advances in the applications used to create them that can now make files that can be compressed better for mobile sites.

Look for Exciting Trends in 2019 Website Design

Regardless of the growing importance and use of simplicity and minimalism in design, website designers are still finding impressive ways to spice up their work using color, type, and video.

This year, web design services have some great trends to follow in their efforts to build attractive and appealing web pages!

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