Website Design – How Does It Work With Smart Phones?


Designing websites and apps for smart phones is now an essential task for a web design company in College Station Texas. More popular than desktop computers, smart phones are a critical part of internet success for any business. Yet there are many challenges involved in designing a website for smart phones. A successful website design for smart phones means that a website can be accessed and used on many different devices.

Smart Phones – The New Norm

Of all the available devices, smart phones have become the most popular – more than notebooks, tablets, and, yes, even desktops! More people access the internet through smart phones than with any other technology for social activity, shopping, research and everything else. What this means is that a web design company that does not take this into account causes their client to lose out. Since most users will access sites from a smart phone app or browser, web designers must keep websites simple and functional.

Important Considerations

Even though the use of smart phones has greatly increased over the past few years, there are still new skills to be learned about accessing the internet. This means that the best College Station TX web design company must concentrate on the important aspects listed below to make the user experience a positive one:

  • Screen Size – The screen size is much smaller on a smart phone than other devices, so how much information is displayed at one time must be examined. A small screen requires a minimal, responsive design and a simple website. That makes content and smooth navigation imperative.

  • Simplicity – A website or app should contain important information and a skilled company that designs websites must do this in a simple, minimalistic way. Navigation and menu hierarchy must be carefully considered, along with media or links. This is all part of a good, responsive web design.

  • Activation – Smart phones use slide and tap finger activation, which replaces the mouse and track pad. This is an important detail when designing a website or app for a smart phone. A user must be able complete actions with the swipe or a tap of the fingertip or stylus, which affects link size and positioning.

  • Speed – Page speed is critical on a smart phone, as a slow page causes impatience and increases the chance that users will leave the site and try another one. This is one of the biggest problems that the best web design companies in College Station TX face today. Responsive HTML is crucial; wen used correctly, it drastically reduces the size of a website in terms of data – making a site more easy to access.

Although designing a website to function on a smart phone requires some rethinking about websites in general, the best College Station TX web design company develop a quality, functional web presence that works on portable devices. A website can be viewable on this popular technology thanks to responsive web design!

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