Website Design – Finding Predictability and Value!


Texas Website DesignerA customer who has been referred to a certain provider either by word of mouth or by research online has certain expectations, primarily an anticipation of receiving the same type or kind of service as was evidenced by the referral. In web design, it is expected that a website designer will produce a quality as least as good as what has been seen – maybe better but certainly nothing less. The difficulty in meeting such expectations is that there is more involved in creating a predictable website than just the design.

Predictability and Web Designers

There are two different meanings when it comes to predictability in the realm of website design, each just as important as the other on different levels. First, predictability can mean knowing what to expect from a certain designer, based on style, function or anything else used in the design effort to gain favorable results. Very often, a website designer’s work is recognizable both by professionals and online users, which makes it predictable.

After a while, clients can recognize certain techniques and results that are commonly used by a designer upon reviewing a portfolio of past work. This in turn creates a climate of expectation so that a website built by that same designer would be similar, both in creativity and function and most importantly, in efficiency and results.

Predictability and Function

Predictability also relates to knowing how a website is going to respond to users and vice-versa based on how it was constructed and designed. Understanding that certain aspects will provide certain results is the first part of this idea; however, seeing that it actually happens that way is the primary goal.

When a web design has been completed, it would be normal to anticipate that any problems have been resolved for the most part and the website functions as it should. A few ‘bugs’ are normal after launching a new website; however, major ‘surprises’ should be avoided as function and outcome of a website should work as was intended. The more reliable a website, the less problems users will have which in turn leads to better optimization, better traffic, and better reputation among others.

Predictability and Value

If the idea of predictability and value is understood, knowing how to achieve it is the question. When referring to a web designer, predictability is usually formed from getting good results with certain techniques and design features, so much so that it becomes a preferred method to include in websites needing similar functioning. From the standpoint of website operation itself, predictability happens by sticking to what is known to work in different design situations, introducing anything new gradually so it can be tracked and results monitored. Together, both client and user end up with a website that does what it is expected to do from both aspects.

Although new and exciting is great in some instances, when it comes to websites that need to perform certain functions, new and exciting can many times turn out to be unreliable and frustrating. Designing websites to be predictable in terms of usability that will yield anticipated results is always going to be the best design and marketing plan – they both must work together!

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