Web Usability Can Reap Huge Online Business Benefits!


One of most-case scenarios for any Texas web design is to have users get lost trying to find a product! The likelihood of a user returning to that website is slim to nothing! Poor design functionality – better known as website usability – is the primary factor that will prevent the achievement of positive internet sales results.

Usability is the key component for the survival of an online business. A website should have a user-centered design to navigate with ease and efficiency, allowing for complete satisfaction while using the website. This goal of an optimal user experience is achieved through great design functionality which consists of a systematic approach to the website’s function through certain design elements.

Having a user-friendly website will attract and convert more sales and escalate a return of investment through the benefits listed below.

  • Optimized End-User Experience – End-user experience is vital to grow an online business. A user’s personal encounter with a website must achieve certain positive goals. The quality must be optimized by a Texas web design company so that a customer’s level of satisfaction with a business represented encourages them to purchase a product or service being offered. This is a direct means to substantially increase the revenue and productivity of an online business.
  • Return Customers – The usability of a website should promote system and user interaction. The goal here is to get passive online viewers converted to active participants wanting to return over and over again to this site due to a wonderful system navigation experience. Traffic will be increased as will sales and profit entirely through a positive useability experience.
  • Return of Investment – Higher ROI generation can be accomplished with a useable and well-optimized website. When products look superior in quality and appear more attractive online, a website has been enhanced and can in turn generate more sales which in turn increases the return of investment.
  • User’s Trust – Increasing a user’s trust and confidence is the most important element to develop a positive relationship with prospective buyers. A feeling of certainly and trust by users allows a website to achieve its full business sales potential.
  • Competitive Advantage – A website’s usability provides a competitive edge over competition. Usability has the ability to place a website in a better position in the internet market, high about competing products.

The benefit of usability encompasses almost every method of online marketing used by a Texas web design company to advance a business in online competition. Don’t let even one customer leave a website because it was just too difficult to navigate and find the product – and that will be true no matter how outstanding the product may be. Have an optimized website that is designed to be functional and useable to visitors – and great online business benefits will be found!

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  1. My clients say they get frustrated when they’re trying to find products on our site. To me it doesn’t seem that hard, but they say they have to search and go through lots of pages to find what they’re looking for. What can I do to fix that?

    • That’s a great question! A good rule of thumb is the “three click rule”. It can be very frustrating to a visitor to have to click through multiple pages to get what they’re looking for. The three click rule says that a visitor shouldn’t click more than 3 times to find the information they need. Try changing your navigation to follow this and I bet your visitors will be happy!

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