Use Web-Safe Fonts in Your Web Design!


A very essential factor in website design is readability. The best guaranteeTexas_Web_Desisu_Firm that fonts will not be altered no matter which browser is used for viewing is by using web-safe fonts. Although somewhat plain-looking when compared to the myriad of others available, they are a necessity for clean web design. If these typefaces seem just a little bit too bland, find a Texas web design firm to design the website to make these fonts appear less dull.

Font Problems

Anyone who has ever viewed a web page in Google and then viewed the same page on another browser only to find words and paragraphs misaligned, images floating, and disarray in the site design has seen firsthand what the use of non-safe fonts can do. The problem is that with literally thousands of fonts available, it is impossible for every web browser to recognize every typeface.

When web browsers find an unsupported font, it will be substituted with one of the core web-safe fonts to the page to still be viewed; however, that can cause numerous problems. Since the page was initially designed with certain size and style letters, the default types will be just different enough to alter the page design. Text may still be readable, but it will not look good which is not the desirable impression to create for a website.

Font Solutions

By using web-safe typefaces, this potential problem can be alleviated. These fonts are a collection of standard fonts recognizable by all browsers; unfortunately, there are only a few in comparison to the many stunning styles available. It is useless to have a unique font if viewers cannot see it. Therefore, the preferred and recommended way to eliminate this risk is by having a Texas web design firm create a website with web-safe fonts.

A few of the more recognizable web-safe fonts are: Arial, Comic San MS, Courier, Lucinda Console, Garamond, Georgia, Impact, MS San Serif, Times New Roman, Tahoma, and Verdana. They can be viewed through any browser and are substituted when other fonts cannot be viewed.


If a more ordinary font is just not wanted, there are two ways to avert this issue although it is a bit more involved than simply selecting a universal web-safe font.

  • Word Images – One way to get around this problem is to create images of words to use with non-safe fonts with. It is mostly applicable to headers, headings and other places where fonts are used as design elements rather than simple body text. It can be used for paragraph text too, although that is not advisable since editing and updating becomes more difficult.
  • Google Web Fonts – The second option still in developmental state but going extremely well is to use Google Web Fonts. Google is the largest browser and search engine in the world and has devised a way in which stylish fonts can be used on any web page in any browser. By having a Texas web design firm place some code into the website design, beautiful fonts can be used since the inserted code points browsers to Google’s servers for the needed files. With hundreds of free Google fonts, options are available that never existed before.

A website must be readable in every browser in order to be completely functional as an internet marketing tool. The one way to ensure such readability is to let a Texas web design firm create that website using web-safe fonts. Don’t let web browsers undo your fantastic web design – be sure to use web-safe fonts!

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  1. Is this why some websites look funny when I open them? I’ve seen this happen before with some sites and never knew why!

    • That’s exactly why! The site designers didn’t use a web-safe font so it in turn makes the website look that way. It’s always a safe bet to use web-safe fonts.

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