Web Designers – Does Your Website Form Convert or Confuse?


Website forms are a necessary part of many web pages and used for a variety of things. Just as the best web designers in College Station Texas use certain methods to create efficient site design, the same process must be used to design a good form. With efficient, simple forms, both website users and owners should be able to communicate easily, which is the purpose of using a form in the first place.

Simplicity and Clarity Convert

The goal when creating a form is function without confusion. A good form can increase conversions; a bad one can send potential customers away. The best web designers know that a clear and simple form only needs basic information; anything else can be requested later when the visitor becomes a customer.

Regardless of a form’s purpose such as newsletter sign-up, website log-in, or asking a question; it must clearly indicate required input fields on clutter-free pages to reduce distraction and confusion. The best College Station TX web designers make form fields clearly visible with simple instructions about entering requested data, how many characters are permitted, any special character requirements, and other important details.

Error notifications must be clearly indicated as well, with an error message or notification in or below the input field. The most successful web designers will be specific when indicating what information needs to be corrected. A user should never have to guess where the error is and what needs to be done to correct it.

Confusion and Questions Do Not Convert

The best web designers in College Station know that confusion about a form will decrease a website’s effectiveness. If a potential customer cannot complete a form or has difficulty doing so, they be uncertain if their information was even accepted. This uncertainty in turn has a negative effect on a website, as a user may not trust the site, especially with current internet privacy concerns. If it is difficult to know that a completed form has been accepted, a user may leave the website without completing the transaction.

Don’t Forget Mobile Devices

Once a seemingly perfect form has been created – one that is simple and includes all necessary instructions, proficient College Station TX web designers will ensure that it is useable on multiple devices. The forms should be tested on smart phones, tablets, and other screen sizes to check both appearance and response. Since many users access websites on smaller, mobile equipment, forms that are simple, straightforward, and easy to understand are crucial. With limited space on these devices, forms that suit mobile platform usage.

Forms that gather information and provide access make communication between site users and owners must easier. Any of the best web designers in College Station Texas know that uncomplicated forms get the most traffic and use. For the best results, designers should keep this in mind when creating an efficient, user-friendly website – keep any forms simple to keep those users coming back!

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