Web Designers Can Ease The Pain of Making New Passwords!


Passwords are being incorporated into more websites all the time as more website require the creation of user accounts – what can lead to a bit of a dilemma, as passwords must be easy to remember yet complex enough to be secure. The best web designers must find ways to help users easily create secure passwords and give them guidance in the process. Web design that helps rather than frustrates users when creating a password is a big plus for positive user experience.

The Truth About Password Creation

Many users groan at the thought of having to create another user account, primarily because they have to create another valid password. This may seem easy enough; however, in reality, many websites really challenge the user with frustrating password creation scripts that cause users to click off the website and go elsewhere. That makes it important for the best web designers to understand that it is essential to have simple password creation with obvious instructions to help users complete the process and use the website.

Show Users How To Create Viable Passwords

There is nothing more frustrating to a new website user than facing multiple error messages and other failure notices when trying to create a password. To avoid this, and help users understand what is required to create a good password, a web design should incorporate the following:

  • Instructions – Every website seems to have different password requirements in an effort to increase user security. The best web design must show users the allowed characters keyed in and any specific password needs. Giving error messages over and over due to very specific requirements is a sure way to quickly frustrate users and turn them away. What is needed and allowed should be spelled out up front, such as how many characters must be used and any other specifics, such as numbers, special characters, etc. This will help a user create a password quickly and easily, usually on the first try.

  • Input Fields – When creating a password, it is more helpful to allow a user to see their input rather than mask it, which avoids typo errors when creating a password. The purpose of masking passwords is a safety feature when logging in; however, it tends to make the password creation process more difficult. Instead, a good web design company should provide an option to unmask passwords as entered.

  • Password Strength Bars – The best web designers know having a strong password is important; however, pop-ups and other error messages only serve to increase user frustration. Showing a password strength meter is a great way to help users see if their password is acceptable and the chance to change it right away before using it. It makes the process faster and increases the use of strong passwords when users can actually see their progress while entering the characters.

Achieving the best web design means giving users simple website usage. This includes ease in registering user accounts and quick, simple password creation. By making the entire password creation process a visible one, with instructions, requirements, input, and password strength, the best web design company helps to increase the effectiveness of the entire website. More people will get through the sign up and password creation process – and actually get to use the site as was intended!

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