Web Design Trends – Can They Bring Marketing Success in 2018?


A great website with user-friendly web design is one of the most important marketing tools your business can have.

Yet to stay user-friendly and effective, web design services must follow current design trends and incorporate the latest technology into their sites.

Look into these 5 emerging website design trends that can keep your site competitive and able to achieve marketing success in 2018.

1. Typography As A Design Element

Typography is once again becoming more than just the font of body copy; it is an actual element within web design. Typefaces are being used more freely to create personality and mood to attract attention.

Enlarged type and fonts with great character are finding their way lately into website design, separating minimalist sites from the crowd while still maintaining a simpler basic layout.

2. Bold, Bright Colors

This year is shaping up to be a year where bold color steps out as a design element.

Web design services are finding new ways to use loud, contrasting colors and even colors that may not seem compatible to create emphasis emotion for brands looking to connect with users on a more emotional level.

The availability of sophisticated website creation tools is aiding this progression by giving web artists greater ability to easily experiment with colors and other elements.

3. Animation

The use of animation in website design has grown considerably in the last year or two and 2018 is no different.

Web artists are finding creative ways of using animation to produce unique and interesting sites as well as portray a brand’s message or story.

Animation techniques that are expected to grow in popularity include website gifs and animated logos. This can make a more memorable impression for brands.

4. Better Mobile Design

With mobile design improving by leaps and bounds over the past few years, web design services are now focusing on creating smoother and more functional mobile sites.

Advanced technology for mobile site development in 2018 is giving designers more to work with so designers can create a layout for your site that is overall intuitive, attractive, and sophisticated.

With improved function that is known to increase marketing results, web design professionals are expecting to see businesses investing in more user-friendly and visually appealing mobile websites.

5. Asymmetrical, Non-Grid Layout

The grid is gone or at least is starting to fade. Symmetrical, grid-based layouts are slowly being replaced with daring, asymmetrical ones that are visually appealing. This layout trend is only in its infancy but seems to be gaining momentum.

In Conclusion

Every year, web design services forge ahead with great new web design ideas; 2018 promises to be no different.

From a marketing standpoint, keeping up with design technology and website design trends is essential.

New design trends can affect user-friendliness and how well your website attracts users and promotes conversions.

In the end, the website that looks most engaging and offers the best function is the one that will do well in online marketing campaigns!

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