Web Design Project Scope – It Is Very Important!


One of the most important things every successful web design project requires is good planning. Getting from a client’s ideas to a finished product doesn’t happen by making random decisions; creating the right plan and a complete project scope is essential for successful web design. An effective web design company has design teams that understand a client’s vision and goals and can then base a website plan on such requirements. Therefore, the best place to start any website design project is by documenting details in a project’s scope.

Project Scope – What Is It?

A project scope is a written plan used by a professional web design company to take a client’s initial idea for their website and help it become a reality. It is one thing to understand a client’s idea; it is something completely different to explain to clients what it takes to complete a website design. Project scope documents consider the production side of achieving the function and look desired, along with other factor, such as budget limitations, time frames, and what the client needs to provide to complete the project. It also documents how procedures, such as approvals and design plan changes, will be handled. Most importantly, it details how work is billed and how deviations from the initial plan can affect billing, work in progress, and final website completion. Essentially, it is the blueprint of how a web designer will create a client’s website.

Important Questions to Ask When Writing A Project Scope

Communication, designers and clients understanding each other, is critical to efficiently create what the client wants. The aim of a project scope document is to clarify all requests and requirements from the start, and plan for unintended surprises that could derail project plans, by considering them ahead of time. To create the best project scope document, outstanding web design specialists must discuss the following with clients:

  • Project Goals – This is a simple definition of the scope of a project and what it will take to accomplish that goal. It may be an e-commerce website design or a mobile app designed to provide simple functionality.

  • Project Requirements – What are the functional requirements for the website? Successful web design, must understand from the start website goals in order to provide the best functionality. How is content managed? Is it an e-commerce website? Does it need a mobile version or will responsive design work?

  • Project Elements – These are deliverable items, such as the creation of content, special programming needs, and any work that must be done other than design work to complete a website design project. Setting deadlines for these items is essential to keep everything on schedule.

  • Project Organization – Organizing a web design project must list who is responsible for various parts of the project. It should include: design or programming deadlines, client review and approval during the project, and deadlines for all of this. Outlining an organizational map is essential for a project to progress.

With the above information, a project scope document should be drafted and used to spearhead the web design project. The best web design company recognizes that a thorough understanding of all goals, needs and expectations will provide all project members with the information they need to build a great website for a client. Client-pleasing web design must start with a good project scope document to get a website built on time!

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