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Getting to the end of a website project is a reason to celebrate, right? Wait – what about quality assurance? Before considering any project a success, web design services need to add thorough QA testing to their process to find and fix any potential problems.

By using the handy guide below, every web design company can proficiently QA their website projects and ensure the final product is something that will make their clients smile.

Assign the Job to the Best Candidate

Great quality assurance begins by assigning a project to someone who is detail-oriented enough to understand the QA process. It should be a person who can catch any problems that need to be resolved. Ideally, a larger web design company might have a QA specialist on staff to handle this task for all of their projects. Of course, this may not be feasible for smaller organizations.

When this is not possible, QA projects should be given to an employee who is not involved in the actual creation of the website but is familiar with the project and its purpose. Those who have not had direct and prolonged exposure to a specific project can usually recognize mistakes quickly and easily.

Create a QA Checklist

After determining who will perform the quality assurance check, a web design services company should develop a checklist of areas that must be inspected. Individual websites will have specific elements and functions that must be added to this list; however, it should start with the inspection of the following elements that apply to every site:   

  • Design and Layout – Compare the final website to the original design to assure consistency and accuracy.
  • Homepage – Make sure all clickable elements, including the logo, work, and global elements are linked correctly.
  • Content – Look for glaring grammar and punctuation errors, internal links, and consistent use of formatting.
  • Images and Media – Make sure all images view as they should, have an Alt description, and that all media functions properly.
  • Navigation – Ensure navigational menus perform correctly and all links go where they should.
  • Forms and Email Fields – Fill out email subscribe fields and any other forms to test for correct function.
  • Search – Try out the search box and analyze the results.
  • Ecommerce Functions – Test catalog pages, shopping cart function, checkout function, and payment function.

Set Up A QA Workflow

Besides the main QA specialist who will test a website looking for issues, the quality assurance process should also include workers as required to resolve any uncovered issues. To keep this process moving forward as simply as possible, web design services should set up a workflow chart that includes all elements that are being tested, provides space to check off each step as it is approved, and includes where notes can be made about mistakes that need to be resolved.

Establish a system that allows all involved individuals to see what is happening each step of the way. Testing or editing should then be done as required to ensure that nothing is missed, sending any edited elements back to the main quality assurance person. A web design company may want to release beta versions of the site or seek user feedback as part of the QA process to identify concerns that may not be as visible to those familiar with the site.

Achieving success with any website requires a web design company to invest in effective production resources and an effective QA process. To provide the best product to the client, web design services must have accurate quality assurance testing and use a process that will uncover mistakes and resolve them before launching the website. To continue providing complete QA services, this process should include a way to monitor and analyze site use to find functional concerns that need attention as well!

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