Web Design – Balancing User-Friendly Design With Privacy Principles!


Texas Web DesignA website’s goal is to be seen and to be user-friendly by those who see and visit it. If that can be accomplished, then hopefully the next step is for visitors to become customers. A great website experience where users found what was needed without any problems and were ready to sign up or make a purchase is the epitome of website goals, the end result of actions created by skilled Texas web design and optimization methods. That leaves just one more piece to be fit into the puzzle – website privacy, which is more than just using strong passwords.

Creating A Great User Experience

Most realize that the best way to gain new customers is to provide a website that is useful, informative, and works as it should. When offering all of that, there are fewer reasons for visitors to leave prematurely, hopefully staying longer which makes it more likely a user will convert to a buyer.

Great websites that attract and keep visitors and make more conversions are truly Texas web design masterpieces. Based on the work of a good Texas website designer, many qualities are combined including color, design and function while promoting a sense of trust, holding interest, and pleasing customers in every possible way. It can definitely take some time to find the right design and features that can do all of that while still being optimized enough to increase incoming traffic.

Growing Internet Privacy Concerns

The internet can be one of the greatest business assets; however, it can also be a dangerous place if the proper steps are not taken by a Texas web design firm to protect sensitive information. As life on the internet changed over the years, concerns went from worrying about email passwords or account information being discovered to having to worry about two major online threats: identity theft and cyber-theft.

One of the ways internet criminals discover information about user’s sensitive account details is from signing up for things or buying online. Information not protected by SSL encryption and other guardians will always be at risk because companies, ISP’s and hosting services with such information may suffer a breach of security.

Increasing Website Privacy

With such genuine concerns, online shoppers who enter sensitive information into an website’s database are understandably more cautious. Knowing this, the goal of Texas web design is to create websites that look authoritative, operate professionally, and offer cyber-security as a courtesy for users who trust giving such information to an organization.

The subject of web privacy involves more than just names, addresses, passwords, and credit card information; it is about information collected by all kinds of websites and what can legally be done with it. Past practice used such information for targeted advertising, personalized search results, and details about internet activity and habits, which was not liked by many users.

Such concern has come under judicial review and ruling, resulting in directives of what constitutes FIP or Fair Information Principles as well as numerous federal and state laws regarding the collection of website user information. There are regulations about giving such information to third parties for any use and rules concerning collecting sensitive information from children under the age of fourteen years without parental consent.

Knowing that privacy has become such a large internet concern, it is very important for a Texas website designer to research federal and state rules and limitations and to design with privacy in mind. This includes using FIPs, having documented information collection and disposal practices, transparency about the type of use and privacy practices that have been adopted – basically stating what will and will not be done with user information. In order to add a layer of complexity to any Texas web design, it is possible to balance user experience with user privacy concerns!

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