Web Design and Web Development – What Are Their Differences?


Most people have become accustomed to hearing the terms web design and web development used interchangeably and often mistakenly assume they are the same thing. In truth, these two processes are completely different, although they do work side-by-side.

If you are working with professional web design services to create a website that is functional and also looks good, you need to understand the difference between the two and the way they affect each other. You will gain a better understanding of both processes and be able to make better decisions toward building an effective site.

What Is Web Design?

Web design deals with the aesthetic look and feel of your website and how it functions. Designers begin by first learning about both your business and its users in order to determine what the site must do and how it must do it. Long before the visual look of the site is decided, professional web design experts develop a site architecture that achieves all of the required functional goals.

Once site functionality is decided and documented into a static layout, designers then decide on the visual elements, which require just as much planning. Visual design involves the careful application of colors and contrasts, typefaces, imagery, and media to create a look that is balanced and consistent. It must also work well with the required functional elements. From this point, the project moves to the developers who will bring the site plan to life.

What Is Web Development?

Web development deals specifically with the programming and technical coding side of website creation. After professional web design experts have come up with the basic function and look of your site, it is the developer’s job to actually make the site work.

They take the non-functional ideas of the designers and do the programming to give your website these capabilities. This starts by building on a good CMS. Developers then add in the specific functionality your site needs so it can do everything the designers planned.

How Do They Work Together?

Obviously, the web development that creates the dynamic version of your site comes after web design, which outlines the static site design. Yet there are times when development must override design for functional reasons. In this situation, designers and developers work together to devise the most suitable solution to accomplish both goals.

Because these two processes can overlap, skilled designers and developers both have some idea as to how the other process is handled so they can work together to produce a website that accomplishes all goals.

The importance of this from a client’s viewpoint is the creation of a website involves two very different processes that both rely on each other. When you work with professional web design services, your ideas must be realizable in both the web design and web development sense. In most cases, design and development teams will be able to make this happen.

When these two processes fail to meet in the middle, your site building team will work with you so the best decisions are made and so you have a site that is both visually effective and functionally efficient!

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