Visual Hierarchy – What Is It And How Do You Get It?


Visual hierarchy is a website design element used to help convey main messages and guide readers through a website. When striving for the most user-friendly and easy to interpret web design in College Station Texas, good use of visual hierarchy improves site efficiency and helps get that website’s message through clearly without leaving the reader wondering – or wandering. It is a very important and useful technique; learning how to effectively implement it can definitely improve the effectiveness of an entire website.

What Is Visual Hierarchy?

Visual hierarchy is relatively simple – whatever is most important should have the greatest visual prominence. This technique is used everywhere in print and on websites, where the simplest form of visual hierarchy is as simple as using a large, bold headline. Because that headline is larger and bolder than the body copy, it is a part of website design that stands out and is seen first, illustrating the very principle of visual hierarchy.

Determining Importance

Arranging website content to look attractive, easy to read, and easily understood requires extracting important highlights to be used as headers, content dividers, and category information. The best web design using visual hierarchy highlights the main idea on any given page using this technique, so that a user reads the highlighted information first, then learns more about it by reading further.

The more important the selection, the more prominently it should be displayed, which can be done with the best College Station web design in many ways, such as the use of multiple sizes and styles of text headlines. It is obvious that the bigger, bolder headline is more important, and the smaller headlines are sub-headers under that same, main selection of content. Consistency plays an important role in portraying visual importance; the hierarchal treatment of web page elements must remain consistent throughout the website for readers to understand that significance and not become confused.

Different Ways to Use Visual Hierarchy

Whether using it in body copy, captions, or even a call to action, getting the most impact from visual hierarchy and the best web design in College Station Texas requires understanding and use of the following elements:

  • Size – Increased type size and enhancements like bolding, italics, and other visual differences from the main body type can be very effective when used consistently to offset headlines, titles, and other important words. These headlines should stand out from the body copy, attracting reader attention first.

  • Color and Contrast – Another way to establish prominence is with color and contrast, whether used for specific text to bring it to the forefront or with the background behind the text. A line of bright text on a page filled with plain, uniform text definitely stands out, bringing the eyes to that spot first. Sections of text on backgrounds that differ from the rest of the page is another way of creating hierarchy.

  • Positioning – Deviating from normal page alignment by putting a headline off to the side, creating a caption, or even changing things like line width can create interest in that segment of text. Used as a part of College Station Texas web design in conjunction with color, contrast, and type enhancement all help to create prominence – and importance.

Displaying importance in different ways – including using visual hierarchy as a web design technique – helps the best user-friendly websites get their messages across easier with fewer words. With some trial and error in the use of type attributes, color and contrast, and the positioning of content elements – reaping the benefits of great, effective web design in College Station Texas is definitely possible!

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