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Texas_Website_DesignerThe design of a company’s website must meet several criteria to be considered successful; it should: suit the nature of the business; be accessible and easy to navigate; be optimized for a wide range of operating systems, browsers and display configurations; and should catch a viewer’s attention and provide an enhanced browsing experience. This last part is known to cause some problems especially for an inexperienced Texas website designer who goes overboard with visual concepts and often impair a user’s viewing experience. There needs to be a balance between creative flair and practicality.

Temper Creativity

As a general rule, creative ideas must be tempered before being adapted to a web page. For example, creating a flash video introduction showing site navigation to a user may seem like a great idea; however, if the video cannot be skipped, after the first view it will most likely just annoy a viewer and cause them to leave the website. Flash modules as a whole have greatly fallen out of favor since their brief popularity period during the early 2000’s because of slow loading times and incompatibility with mobile web browsers.

Background music is another web page feature that has been outdated for some time. Although listening to an embedded MIDI or WAV-file is distracting enough on its own, it is important to remember that many people prefer to browse while listening to their own music and such an interruption can be aggravating.

Elaborate scripts and gimmicks such as pop-up windows are automatically blocked by many browsers and should also be avoided by a Texas website designer.

Legible Text

As every website maker knows, information on the internet is conveyed mainly through text, therefore, all words on a page should be completely legible to help the reader. The font size should be neither too small nor too big; text box parameters should not cut off any of the text, overlap other paragraphs or images, or overrun the edges of the page. Horizontal scrolling should be totally avoided to view the contents on any page unless it is an important concept of the design.

Color Coordination

The color scheme should be coordinated to so that no foreground elements clash with background colors. The contrast between foreground and background should be distinct while avoiding disruptive combinations such as blue lettering on a red field. The most legible way to present text is by using black letters on a white background.

The central issue of good web design means finding a balance between creativity and practicality. The overuse of some attention-grabbing gimmicks such as videos and music may upset viewers and dissuade visiting the site rather than attracting readers. Internet users want to see a website optimized for ultimate viewing appeal to encourage reading and potential purchasing. So each web page should be designed by a Texas website designer to be legible and pleasing to the eye so that visitors are encouraged rather than upset with that internet domain – and this results in more sales of a company’s product or services!

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