User Intent and Micro-Moments – What It Is All About!


The goal of SEO in website design is to find new ways to find users through search and then be able to help them find what they want and need.

The means of achieving this has undergone a gradual shift over the past few years with Google’s algorithms being developed to be smarter and more predictive of what users actually seek.

To think more like users and create UX web design to better serve them, UX web designers are paying more attention to micro-moments, those small actions and decisions made by consumers that can help web developers understand their intent.

What Are Micro-Moments?

As defined by Google, micro-moments are those times when users turn to their devices to seek specific information or do something like make a purchase.

It is a moment of reflex where users expect to make a query and get an answer so they can accomplish what they set out to do.

They are intent-driven, decision-making moments; when identified by UX web designers, they can really help develop effective website design that provides optimal user experience and increased website conversions.

4 Main Consumer Micro-Moments

According to Google, there are four main micro-moments that drive consumer behavior when users turn to the internet:

  1. I Want to Know – When looking for information.
  2. I Want to Go – When seeking ;a local business to go to or make a purchase from.
  3. I Want to Do – When wanting assistance looking for or doing something.
  4. I Want to Buy – When ready to buy something or get help to decide what to buy.

Based on this information, it’s important that designers learn to anticipate the questions people will ask and the information they are seeking in these four distinct scenarios so that UX web design is developed to provide answers.

Consumer Goals And UX Web Design

With all of this in mind, effective website design should focus less on business goals and more on consumer goals and how to achieve them.

Remember, the most user-friendly and valuable websites are those that get highest pagerank which in turn increases website exposure to even more users.

A UX web design that understands user questions is more likely to give them what they want.

Using Micro-Moments To Achieve Consumer Goals

Interpreting micro-moments for a specific audience lets UX web designers find how to best provide the information sought by their audience.

How can this best be achieved?

  • Developing content to answer specific queries.
  • Improving local optimization by adding local content including videos such as “how-to’s” as well as product information.
  • Providing easy ways for customers to research and complete purchases.

Micro-Moments – Huge Moments for Effective Website Design

Even though much of this may seem repeated from other advice on how to create effective website design to serve the user, it’s important to understand the concept of micro-moments and how they drive user intent.

Micro-moments are a concept that Google sees as instrumental in helping UX web designers understand the needs of their audience in order to design more effectively to serve them!

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