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Austin_SEOMany people would be surprised to know that there is a increasing number of videos watched every month on YouTube in the United States alone, more than searches performed on Google. This is shocking because there are approximately 9 billion searches per month done with Google – and there are approximately 10 billion videos watched a month on YouTube. Many small businesses have not yet considered YouTube as a strategic advantage – and such thinking should be reconsidered. YouTube is the next largest search engine after Google and it is crucial to use videos in Austin SEO efforts to increase visibility, organic page ranking, and user views. Below are some tactics to optimize YouTube effectively for any SEO effort.

  • Quality Video Content – It is important to develop a video that is intriguing, interesting, engaging, well-liked, and relevant that will go viral on YouTube. As essential as content is, presentation quality and optimization when done correctly will increase visibility rapidly. Always choose good, engaging, and highly-relevant content to increase viewers and effectively sell products or services online.
  • Keyword Research – The optimization process needs keyword research because YouTube is a highly competitive arena like Google. Conducting research will help to determine which terms rank and index easily. Look for and discover search terms that are less competitive on YouTube that would surely rank high.
  • Titles and Meta Tags – Once keywords are chosen, the next goal is to optimize the title and description tags to boost YouTube traffic. Remember that tags are elements that let searchers find video based on queries. Look for titles that are interesting and descriptive and then apply relevant keywords to help with search results. A description should state what is in the content in a clear and concise manner.
  • Link Partners – Link building is a crucial part of YouTube post optimization. This is the same as Austin SEO performed for websites where links are essential to enhance visibility, indexing, and traffic. One way to get a link partner is to create a blog related to the video content and embed it in the post. If this is seen by established bloggers, comments may be left and unique videos posted that are related to the topic. Always associate videos with related content to increase search relevancy.
  • Make a YouTube Channel – Creating a channel is an essential part in the YouTube optimization process. Assign a channel name that contains well-researched keywords and is closely related to the industry. Don’t forget to incorporate the keywords in the transcript, title and description tags before building links.

Video marketing is one of the best ways to increase exposure and online traffic. Using YouTube can help build a community and is essential for businesses wanting to sell online, generate sales leads, and increase potential consumers. The above tactics are only a few of the many strategies that could be utilized to help gain visibility and achieve online success. This SEO method is highly recommended to create competitive page rankings for well-established websites, especially if the videos are carefully optimized and provide a strategic advantage over competitors!

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