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Houston_SEO_ServicesSearch engine optimization is a crucial instrument for online marketing success. Blogging as part of an Austin TX SEO process is critical to boosting visibility and providing a wonderful platform of opportunity to rank well in the search engines. There are so many marketing strategies currently employed to raise online prominence and impact website traffic. One of these tactics is the use of blogs to generate organic traffic and to successfully connect with targeted audiences. Here are simple tips to help with custom blogging.

Tip #1 – Write Informative, Quality and Stimulating Content

Content is an essential component in any blog post from a page ranking and users perspective. It is highly recommended to make content informative, unique, attractive, engaging, psychologically stimulating, up-to-date and relevant to online queries. Content offers an added value to search engine optimization – although don’t think this means writing only for search engines to achieve high ranking. An article should be done so it is attractively consumable both by spiders and readers.

Tip #2: Research, Analyze, and Determine Appropriate Keywords

Choosing the right keywords is vital for online marketing, words that are relevant to the product or service and commonly typed into the search engine queries. So it is crucial to determine which keywords are appropriate for that blog post. With the increasing number of tools available such as Google Keyword Tools, accurate search terms can be researched and analyzed as a part of Austin TX SEO in order to make the best choice.

Tip #3: Optimize Title and Meta Tags

Another essential tip to get higher positioning is to optimize the title and description tags. These must be done correctly to inform users what is on each page. These must be unique and contain well-researched, analyzed and relevant keywords and be within the allowable limit including spaces and punctuation. For title tags, the length should be 70 characters. The description tag must be unique, enticing, stimulating, and within the acceptable length of approximately 160 characters including spaces and punctuation.

Tip #4: Optimize URL’s

Uniform Resource Locators commonly known as the URL carries an important value in ranking authority. Many should be considered before selecting the best one for search engines and online users. To optimize URLs, always include relevant keywords and hyphens to separate them, use static URL, and avoid using lengthy ones.

Tip #5: Assess and Make Necessary Revisions

After posting and establishing blogs, it is imperative to examine, analyze and know the keywords that are gaining popularity and adjust as necessary. After analyzing and finding which keywords rank the highest, necessary revisions can be done.

Using blogs is a natural way to gain ranking in search engines due to constant updates, well-defined topics, inbound linking structure, and organic links from actual readers. When an SEO campaign uses blogs, it is such a great marketing tool to be successful in increasing online traffic, enhancing sales lead, increasing conversion rates, and positioning a company as an authority in a given field. It is indeed vital to accurately use blogs to gain more inbound traffic to a website!

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  1. Are there any specific blogging websites that will gather more traffic like facebook or twitter? Should we use them or does it matter?

    • The four most import social media super-stars are Facebook, Twitter, Google-plus, and Linkedin. There are of course more that can also be used for specific niches used widely in the SEO community.

    • Facebook and Twitter are great social media sites. If you want to know whether your blogging website is a good one, check it’s page rank, the higher the better!

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