Usability and Iterative Web Design – What Does It Involve?


Houston Web DesignersOne of the most effective ways to optimize a website is through the creation of a user-friendly layout. Having a usable, navigable, and functional website will increase overall performance, which can be achieved two different ways: completely redesigning the site or by using ultra-modern iterative design concept. Houston web designers usually find that a complete overhaul is hard for existing customers to handle and can cause return visits to stop. An iterative design is more user-friendly as any changes are done in small increments.

Following are some components of an iterative design, the process involved, and the benefits that can be derived from such an approach.


An iterative design is the continuous improvement of a website, along with the resolution of any layout challenges, to refine and perfect it to meet visitor expectations to have an excellent experience, resulting in numerous return visits.


In iterative web design, the process is not linear but cyclic, unlike the customary web development process where the work flow is linear. The first step for Houston web designers when using such a method is to determine overall structural components of the website and then formulate methods to engage visitors through applications and relevant content.

This process is a collaboration of designers, developers, and users; it is essential to assess if each application works right and the site is easy to navigate. Any components not working effectively can be eradicated; those working properly can be improved and polished. Evaluation is done regularly so immediate changes or improvements can be made.


Following are some of the benefits of an iterative web design:

  • Earlier Detection – Problems can be detected earlier and any necessary alterations can be made to elements not working effectively much sooner.
  • Immediate Feedback – Users can interact and respond to the actual layout immediately.
  • Fast Learning – It has a shorter learning curve by creating a platform by which the content can be tested and evaluated quickly, and relevant data can be collected based on facts – rather than assumptions.
  • Encourages Repeat Traffic – It encourages users to visit the site more often because improvements are more quickly noticed and appreciated.
  • Small Changes – It allows for website change one step at a time until perfection is achieved.

From a user’s point of view, it is essential to have an exceptional user experience while browsing the website. This is best delivered by steadily improving the site through testing, analyzing, assessing, and refining it until an end goal is achieved. Such a cyclic process bring out elements that work and discard those that do not. When Houston web designers use such a technique, a superior user experience is delivered!

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