Unrealistic Client Requests – How Should Web Designers Handle That?


A common issue that many web designers face in their business is clients with unrealistic requests. Although it’s natural for business owners to want to see their visions come to life just how they imagined, many times it’s just not possible for web designer to do that, especially when working with limited budgets.

A large part of this communication gap is simply the fact that many design clients don’t realize what actually goes into the creation of even the most basic and affordable websites. Web design services dealing with unrealistic requests must educate your clients while also sticking to company policies and procedures.

Unrealistic Project Deadlines

One of the most common issues affordable web designers encounter with clients is unrealistic deadlines. Many times, clients simply do not understand what is actually involved in developing, planning, and building even a very basic website.

The best way to handle this is to always explain the process to the client to impress upon them that a good website takes time and that web design services work on multiple sites at the same time.

Automatically Know What The Client Needs

For web designers to create an effective website, they need to understand the client’s needs, wants, and most importantly, their business goals for the site.

Unfortunately, many clients have no idea what their website goals are, only what they think the site should do or look like. Avoid major problems down the line by identifying goals and what must be done to achieve them at the up front.

Lack of Client Communication and Involvement

Communication and client involvement are critical to the success of every design project. Make this clear from the beginning and establish methods of contact as well as question and approval policies.

Experienced web designer will note how well clients stay involved during the preliminary discussion and/or planning phases and consider this when deciding whether or not to take the job. Staying tied up in a job that is never-ending due to poor client involvement turns any affordable job into a costly one for the designer.

The “I Just Need One Little Change” Syndrome

In addition to unrealistic deadlines, clients who don’t have a good understanding of web design services may ask for many small changes they feel are no big deal. Avoid losing time, money, and potentially affecting the whole strategy of the project by outlining a change procedure ahead of time.

Explain that even simple-appearing changes can take more effort than it might seem; this could affect other parts of the design. Implement the ideas that are actually important; however, be sure to charge for the extra time.

Requests for Spec Work

Spec work is a double-edged sword. It can convince clients that web designers can give them what they need or it could end up being a waste of time if the client goes elsewhere.

Avoid getting caught up in the spec work by discussing and planning every aspect in detail. A client finds trust with a design firm based on their portfolio, past client reviews, and how developing concepts are handled during these stages.

Questioning Web Design Services Rates

Another factor that falls under the “client just doesn’t understand what it takes” issue is when they question design rates after the project has begun. Even the most affordable web designers should explain how their rates are based on the work involved, especially with rates that are already very competitive.

Show clients everything they are getting for their money. Before starting any project, set up a work and payment schedule that includes a down payment.

Web design services all know that no client is ever the same, not in their needs, expectations, or unreasonable requests some of them will make. Yet even the most common challenging requests can be easily dealt with when web designers listen, help, and explain as part of effective communication and an agreed-upon process for getting things done.

Above all, designers must remember that they are not required accept every potential client. If it just doesn’t feel right, trust that instinct!

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