Unraveling The Mystery Of How To Best Use Website Whitespace!


Whitespace is an essential website design element that’s commonly overlooked as an actual design component, largely because many website designers may not really understand how to effectively use it.

Yet with so much emphasis on mobile design and user-friendliness, it’s an important concept for designers to embrace.

Website design companies striving to create visually appealing and useful sites must understand that there’s more to white space than just an absence of other elements.

What Is Whitespace?

Although the name might insinuate that whitespace means a white background on every page, whitespace is also referred to as negative space and can be any color.

Whitespace it simply the space in any website design that lacks other elements like images, type, and other content.

It is the space that surrounds all those other elements and in doing so, behaves as its own design element by affecting the look, feel, and functionality of the layout in its own way.

Different Types of Whitespace in Website Design

One of the reasons that many website designers overlook the importance of whitespace and how critical it can be to a great layout is because there are multiple types of whitespace, each of which should be used in different ways.

As such, whitespace is more than just a big, blank background or having a lot of space between elements, especially in mobile layouts where there simply isn’t that much real estate available on the page.

Getting the most from whitespace requires website design companies to focus on the different types and how they can be used to create effective designs:

  • Macro Whitespace – This is the larger whitespace in the design such as page borders and the larger spaces between images, copy blocks, and other page elements. Macro whitespace is what most commonly comes to mind at the mention of whitespace yet is only one type for website designers to consider.
  • Micro Whitespace – This involves smaller whitespace such as line height and the space between two character. While micro whitespace has little effect on macro whitespace, it’s very important in terms of readability.
  • Active Whitespace – Active whitespace is space manipulated within the website design to enhance certain elements, provide guidance for the user, or serve other functional purposes.
  • Passive Whitespace – This is space that is adjusted on the page to improve the visual quality and readability of the website such as the space between elements and within the text.

Putting Whitespace to Work For You

Whitespace can be a useful design element when designers consider the ways they can manipulate that negative, unused space to make the overall layout more appealing, functional, and effective for relaying a message and serving the user.

The most important factors that can affect all of that and be used as a guideline for determining where and how to adjust whitespace include:

  • Attracting Attention – Increasing whitespace around elements can indicate focal points on a page and guide users through a website from focal point to focal point.
  • Legibility – Adjusting whitespace to accommodate different variables like font, type size, device, audience requirements, and more allows a designer to ensure everything is legible in all circumstances.
  • Creating Tone – Increasing whitespace often generates a feel of minimalism and luxury within the website.
  • Branding – Used consistently throughout websites, advertising, and other company media, whitespace is another design element that web design companies can use to make a brand more recognizable based on the tone it projects.

The True Value of Understanding Whitespace

Whitespace is an essential yet underused element in website design that can improve site aesthetics, make it easier to use, and generate important focus and mood that can affect a website’s effectiveness when used properly.

Website designers who unravel the mysteries and learn about the types of whitespace and how they can be manipulated will have a clearer understanding of this important element as a result!

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