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Texas Web DesignBeing trendy – whether referring to new fashion or new cars – can portray a certain positive image in the eye of the public. Internet trends are no different as websites incorporate the newest ideas in design and applications while establishing new standards in an internet presence. Competitive Texas web design firms who remain educated about changing trends on behalf of customers can offer ways to learn what is new and how it can benefit any business.

Design Styles

There is a basic, standard website style – clean, two or three columns, header and footer style pages, using the necessary elements for good functionality in conservative ways that are acceptable as professional, confident and trustworthy. It is also true that an innovative internet design that experiments with new ideas and pushes the boundaries of what is deemed professional has become the new “norm” for many professionals. Trends in combining creativity and functionality have become the latest rage, with assumed credibility following such trends. This supports the idea that on the internet there should be a progressive creativeness that follows trends, but in a unique, individual way.

Nothing is wrong with stylishness; however, a poorly designed website breaking all rules is actually a bad idea, especially when modern concepts offer so much more recognizable improvement.

Creative Trends

There continues to be growth in the use of color as a design element, with retro and contemporary palettes placing high on the list and brights a close second. Along with this idea, layouts are becoming much more simplistic, allowing color to play a more significant role than simply being used as a background behind the active page areas. Vector images contributing to brand and recognition via “characters” and similar applications have become popular in Texas web design, as has the use of large circles that are usually images for links, image jumps and other such navigation means.

Ribbon banners, instead of traditional header-style banners, are not only attractive but also help to keep clutter to a minimum. Creative use of typography is now easily applicable with the advent of Google Web Fonts, which are taking off and becoming a new trend. There has been growing use of image slide shows, large images as entire page backgrounds and header-bar image sliders. Typeface and white space continues to increase in size and multi-column footer menus have become commonplace.

Technical Trends

Following is a brief listing and description of some new technical directions.

  • HTML5 and CSS3 – There is further evidence that Flash continues to work its way out, with HTML5 and CSS3 gaining more popularity among designers. Responsive webdesign also continues to grow, ensuring that there is proper visibility on a variety of screen resolutions and mobile devices using specific “mini-site” versions of a site that alleviates resolution blowing a page apart or rendering its function useless.

  • Hybrid Layouts – Additionally, hybrid layouts which includes text in fixed-width columns with the rest of the page fluid are making real progress in the technology of the non-breaking page. “Branding” is becoming a catch phrase as designers take the idea and use it to create consistent, recognizable locations for many different applications while making sure that the main selling point is the loudest and clearest concept displayed in all situations.

  • Social Media – Of course, social media is officially and unmistakably the best way to be seen on the internet especially if there is actual content or at least links to content on the original website. Buttons to the various social media should be prominently displayed on the home page and even feels incomplete without such elements. Sharing has become the most important way to pass on tidbits of information, so the creation of better, easier and faster ways for viewers to share are important.

The beauty of all of these new trends is that change is the one constant feature. Designers will always be working to improve web pages both visually and functionally, creating new trends to influence Texas web design construction methods. With companies implementing many new and impressive ideas, creation of a contemporary page that continues to attract traffic is easier than ever imagined!

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