Top 7 Questions You Should Never Ask A Web Designer!


Website designers are your partners in developing an effective website that will help your business succeed. They work diligently to make your ideas come to life in the best way possible.

That said, there is a line of respect between web design services and clients that should always be honored. This can be accomplished by never asking web designers these frustrating questions.

1. Can I Just Do It Myself to Save Money?

This is one of the most frustrating questions that people ask web designers. Quite probably, you already understand the value of working with professional web design services. This is why you hired a designer in the first place.

Regardless of what is involved in creating your site, let your designer do their job. That way, there will not be any communication or quality issues and you will be happier with the results you receive.

2. This Will Get Your Name Out There – Can You Do It For Less?

While website designers must build a portfolio of great websites to show other prospective clients, they rarely do this by not charging for their work. Web design is very time and labor intensive; it requires a high degree of expertise.

Designers need to get paid for all the time and effort they spend developing an appealing and functional site. Do not ask for a reduction in price because you think you are helping them develop their business.

3. Can I Pay You Once You’ve Done More Work?

Like many other professionals, web design services generally ask for an advance deposit before starting any work and expect continual payments as they work on your website. Payment agreements are usually stated in the contract.

Getting paid in advance and along the way is a designer’s way to be certain that you are are committed to the website work you want them to do. They certainly don’t want to waste their time on something they may not get paid for.

4. Can I Play Around With The Art Files?  

As much as you might want to edit some of the website artwork yourself, trust that website designers know best how everything should look and be prepared. A little change here or there by a less experienced eye can affect the entire website appearance.

5.  Can You Make My Site Looks Just Like This Site?

One of the goals of working with professional web designers is to develop a site that is unique from all the other websites. While there is nothing wrong with getting a little design direction from other websites, designers try to avoid outright copying.

Not only will your site look like the site that has been copied, doing so is essentially stealing from the artist who developed that specific site which should never be done.

6. Can You Just Design A Site I Can Fill In Later?

An effective website needs to be developed for what you want it to do.

Color schemes, function, content, and many other details must be determined in advance for web artists to create a site that will work for your business and your customers.

Developing a website involves more than just laying out a template and plugging in content later.

7. Wait – Can You Add Just One More Thing?

Good communication is essential when working with web design services.

Part of this contact includes outlining all your ideas, wants, and needs ahead of time so that designers can formulate a good plan to bring your website to life and provide a realistic quote for their services.

Every part of this process is based on the previous steps taken. When you ask to add something, it could delay the entire process and create more charges for work that is out of the scope of the contract. That means more cost to you.

In Sum

The moral of the story is the importance of working closely with your website designers and trusting them to do what is best.

As much as you may want to help, change something, or go against the customary rules in some way – don’t.

You will always get the best results from web designers by avoiding the frustrating questions posed above and letting them do create your new website!

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