Top 5 Unique Ways to Generate Traffic & Attract Visitors to Your Site


One of the most common questions asked by website owners is this: how do I generate traffic and attract more visitors to my website? Those who are establishing their presence online might have a well laid-out, fabulously designed website – but it will be all for naught if nobody visits it. Business owners who have a high-tech website where products are organized and displayed to perfection will still not generate sales if there is no web traffic coming in. These are precisely the reasons why it pays to apply marketing techniques – be it online or offline – to bring more visitors to your website. Read on to find out what these methods are.


Offline Website Promotional Techniques

 For most website owners, there’s this misconception that the only way they can drive traffic to their site is through online marketing. Although majority of website traffic can be driven digitally, the best way to promote your business or website is still through word of mouth, old-fashioned marketing techniques, or guerrilla marketing.

Of course, these need to be combined with the latest online marketing techniques but for now, let us focus our attention on guerrilla marketing. What exactly is this? Guerrilla marketing is a form of marketing which is unconventional and, well, offline. Let’s say that you own a flower shop and you would like to promote your delivery service. You can use a guerrilla marketing technique like organizing a flash mob where young men can dance or serenade women passing by the streets. You can give each man a bouquet of flowers to distribute to female passersby – make sure that it has your business info and website printed on a card attached to the stem. Do the flash mob during the busiest hours so that you can attract as much attention as possible.

Your goal is to use unique marketing techniques to increase awareness about your site, thereby driving traffic to it, attracting more visitors, generating leads, and boosting your sales. Here are five more offline website promotional techniques that you can use for your website:

  • Market your website offline.

This one’s all about offline or guerrilla marketing where you will use unconventional techniques to promote your site. Let’s say that you own a mom-and-pop dining establishment and you would like to re-introduce a new menu to your customers. How about using chalk advertising? On the sidewalk opposite the diner, you can have an artist draw an eye catching image which pedestrians will surely take selfies with. Combine it with social media advertising where anyone who uses the hashtag and shares their selfies on social media will get a discount or a freebie when dining in.


You can also leave the following objects which have your business name, logo, and website printed on the surface: sticky notes with a mini-letterhead in coffee shops or bars; pens in banks; bookmarks which you can donate to local libraries; flyers on the sidewalk. These printed advertising materials, when combined with social media and guerrilla marketing, will work well in generating more traffic to your site.



  • Go back to the basic technique of distributing business cards.

When you’re an entrepreneur, you need to have business cards handy all the time. You can use these cards to market your wares offline. Leave one with your tip when dining at a restaurant, pin one on a public bulletin board, insert one in books related to your business at public libraries, or throw one in at contest fishbowls which are asking for individual business cards.


  • Turn your marketing campaign into a visual spectacle.

Aside from the sales figures that only a few of the personnel can see, you need to have ‘physical evidence’ that your business is a success. If you had a full house at the launch of your new restaurant menu, for example, word is bound to spread that the food is good once people see pictures or videos on your website or social media pages. Even if your promotional campaigns are mostly done offline, you should document the events by collecting photos and videos. If you’re lucky, you might even have a viral hit that will boost the popularity of your brand even more!


  • Offer to provide certificates or products as prizes to local contests.

If there’s a country fair, local music festivals or similar public events in your area, you can offer to donate gift certificates, products, or services as prizes. Not only are you helping a good cause, but you can also increase awareness of your brand within the local community. If  you agree to be a major sponsor for an event, you can even get free ads or mentions in websites, newsletters, press releases or other publications.


  • Put a personal touch on things.

Finally, you can use speaking at an event as a form of guerrilla marketing. Look for listings of local events related to the industry you’re in. If it’s real estate, for instance, serving as one of the event speakers will increase your network of contacts. It will help establish you as an authority in the real estate industry, and boost awareness about your brand.

As you can see, there are plenty of unconventional ways for you to drive traffic and increase visitors to your site. Take your pick from any of these techniques – or apply them all – and reap the benefits of increased online presence through offline marketing in no time.


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