Tips for Finding Quality Inexpensive Web Design


Getting a website created doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive. Yet you don’t want a cheap-looking website that takes hours to load onto a computer. I can’t blame you for thinking that way. These days, that’s often the problem you encounter from designers who offer low prices.

I’m not saying that it is impossible to get a high quality inexpensive web design; actually it is possible. To find that ideal balance between cost and quality, you may have to invest a great deal of time to find a designer who can provide an inexpensive web design. After all, web design is one of the biggest factors that will ultimately determine how well your site will perform and cost.

To find an inexpensive web design, search for prospective web designers online. Google on it and in just seconds, you will get a long list of web designers wanting to get the job. So how do you know which of them offers high quality inexpensive web design?


Let’s look at the Price Tag first. The cost is no doubt the biggest decision you must make when choosing a web design. Narrow your list by choosing web design companies that offer prices within your budget. Set your parameters wide enough to come up with a list of at least twenty web designers who offer prices in your range.

This is a tedious task; but it will pay off in your search for an inexpensive web design, even if you have to go through dozens of potential web designers before you find the right one. When examining each of the designers, don’t hesitate to ask them what makes their design affordable or expensive. This is an excellent way to find out what services you will get for the amount you pay.


Continuing on your search for an inexpensive web design, you should do some Portfolio Research. Every good web designer should have a portfolio available online to showcase their previous designs. This gives you a glimpse of the quality of the designer’s work. If they don’t have a portfolio available, then take them off your list.

Go through your list and make a thorough search on each of their portfolios and see samples of their work. Most web designers follow a certain pattern on their designs. See if their designs are the kind that suits your taste.


It is also important to know the technology they use for their web designs. There are different approaches for creating a site depending on the purpose of the site and its features. So it is important to know if the designer has the set of skills required for the kind of inexpensive web design you are seeking.


Functionality is as important as the design. If possible, visit their completed websites to see if they are user friendly. Good looking graphics are useless if visitors are unable to navigate around the site. In my opinion, functionality should ALWAYS be more important than design in a web design regardless of the budget.

Contact and Follow Up

Going through their samples should give you a good idea on their type of design. If the design looks appealing to you, and the cost fits into your desire for an inexpensive web design, then your next step is to contact the designers and present your project. See what web design company’s follow up time is. If it’s within 24 hours you can expect that company to be “on the ball.”

Design Process

Finally, in your search for a quality, inexpensive web design, you need to understand the Communication process. Throughout your search, you undoubtedly will have communicated with many web designers about your website project. When you select a designer, you will be giving instructions and exchanging ideas with that person until the completion of the project.

So pick a web designer who can understand and relate well to your concept and ideas. This will ensure that the outcome will be similar to what you have in mind for a quality, inexpensive web design.

If you follow all of the above tips on how to find a quality inexpensive web design company, then your project will be sure to be successful. If you would like a quote for quality inexpensive web design, please contact Web Unlimited at [email protected] or toll free at 888-516-0172. Web Unlimited has top-quality template-based websites that can fit any budget!


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