The Very Best Way To Design an E-Commerce Website!


There is more business done online today than ever before, with most retailers using e-commerce as a way to be everywhere possible and increase their customer base. E-commerce websites are an essential tool in doing business online; however, the best e-commerce web design is different than other web design. Most importantly, other than the catalog and shopping cart interface, it is essential for a web design company to create an easy-to-use site that provides shoppers user-friendly ways to shop and complete sales purchases on-site.

Easy Navigation

There is nothing worse than wading through pages and links to find what you want because site navigation is disorganized or complicated. It is critical fro an e-commerce website to have an efficiently organized navigation structure that provides multiple ways to navigate a website. Breadcrumbs, sitemaps, and understandable menus let users efficiently search a website and is an important part of any successful e-commerce web design. Categories and products should be organized so that help users can quickly find what they want.

Accessible Contact Information

Consumers demand several ways to contact a company for any questions about sales, shipping, and returns policies. When it comes to the best web design, an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is a must. Offering customers an easy way to email, call, or fax a company is essential when designing a website. Chat-based customer service is appealing to many customers and is frequently used to contact a business. Offering shoppers simple ways to reach a company usually results in fewer abandoned carts and more completed sales. Access to such features should be prominently displayed, not buried somewhere in the website.

Guest Checkout

Giving customers an option to checkout as a guest, avoiding the necessity to create an account to make a purchase, helps increase completed sales. Guest checkout provides a fast way to make a purchase on the site. Many buyers will come back and sign up later, as repeat customers. The option to login using social media that is controlled by the user is another great option. The goal in an effective e-commerce web design should be to collect enough information to complete the sale without unnecessarily delaying the whole process.

Streamlined Shopping and Checkout

Two important factors in web design for a smooth shopping experience are to: #1 – help buyers add items to a shopping cart and #2 – make the actual checkout process as short as possible, preferably only one page. A web design service should include a prominent “Add to Cart” link versus a “Buy Now” link that is better used on a landing or home page to attract initial interest. An “Add to Cart” link allows a user to see what they’ve done and then keep shopping until wanting to conclude the sale. Keeping the checkout process visible yet simple helps reduce abandoned carts and means more quickly completed sales.

Using features that help make customer shopping more convenient can definitely help an e-commerce online business increase completed transactions and decrease incomplete sales. Web design that incorporates easy navigation, a simple shopping cart, and a rapid checkout process is the best way to accomplish this. When searching for the best e-commerce web design, enlist the experience of a successful e-commerce website design company. Such a company knows how to create a seamless user experience that navigates a user from the homepage to a completed checkout as quickly and conveniently as possible!

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