The Value of Precise Yet Clean Web Design!


There is a common misconception held by some that for a website to be great, it must be “fancy,” with all the bells and whistles that current web technology has to offer. In reality, the opposite is true as research testing the effectiveness of the best web design ideas has proven. Clean, minimalist design is actually much more effective in getting a message across, which is something experienced web designers should be explaining to clients. As the best web design company will attest, simple design such as responsive design speaks much louder than extra elements can ever accomplish.

What Is Minimalist, Clean Web Design?

Minimalist web design is created to portray a personality and a message, while remaining light and clutter-free. Content and elements that are functional and useful are used by knowledgeable web designers to create a simple, easy-to-navigate website that avoids the use of excess in colors, design elements, typefaces or anything else. Due to the skillful choice of elements used by a web design company, a minimalistic website can be just as functional as a more complex site – perhaps even more so – because of its simplicity. There should be no question on how to use the site nor of its message, which are the main goals of any website.

Some of the best web design examples of exact, clear design today is seen with responsive design. Created clearly, with lighter code and carefully chosen elements, a responsive website is useful and effective on as many devices as possible, with as little difficulty as possible. Simplicity and a clean layout is the key.

The Qualities of Precise, Clean and Minimal Design

Proficient web designers now find that a clean design style starts with the following basic ideas:

  • Use Minimal Everything – From the number of typefaces to the amount of text on a single page, a cleaner design involves less of everything. A veteran web design company knows to use only a few colors consistently throughout, choose typefaces that add tone and appropriate personality to a website, and although they are important – keep the number of images to a minimum. Designers should only use what is absolutely necessary to reach site goals in terms of design elements, content, and features.

  • Whitespace As an Element – Increased use of whitespace acts as a design element itself, and makes other website elements more effective. Veteran web designers know that slightly increasing leading and kerning will improve readability, while whitespace used to break up sections of content can function as part of the overall visual design. When whitespace, along with color, is skillfully used by web design companies, it adds interest, balance and aesthetic quality.

  • Minimal Content – Keep copy light and use lists, bullets, and other ways to shorten text. Headlines and sub-headers break up blocks of text and lend to design as well. Copy should be clean and precise for the easiest means of presenting ideas. Additionally, every simplistic web design should feature a single focal point around which content is laid out.

  • Simple Navigation – A neat, minimalist website requires clean, easy-to-use navigation. Since everything else about the site will be straightforward with little clutter, its navigation must be as well. Buttons should be obvious, but not over-stylized. Text links should be plain, but easy to locate. Most importantly, there should be no question as to how to navigate the site.

Professional web designers say the purpose of clean, specific website design is to let content speak for itself, without the use of potentially distracting elements that can hurt a website’s effectiveness more than it will help. A great web design company appreciates these ideas and understands how to get more effect from fewer elements. Considering the importance of neat, responsive design in offering the greatest flexibility for all devices, the best web design today depends on this clean, precise style more than ever before!

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