The Need to Educate Clients And Explain Website Design


Texas_Website_DesignerRunning a web design company is not a solo activity; it requires collaboration and partnership with clients. As a Texas website designer, it is crucial to establish good relationships with clients and educate them about the unique design process, what to expect, and how to communicate successfully the objectives and expected outcome of the project. In addition, client education is essential so there are no erroneous expectations which can only help to build a trusting relationship. Educating a customer before signing a contract is essential for the successful completion of a web design project. So what are the lessons that need to be taught?

  • Professional Versus Apprentice – What should be imparted to a client is that a web designer is a professional possessing talents, skills and experience in creating effective and impressive web design. All customers need to understand a designer’s expertise in the field and ability to apply the right tools and technology to make a site usable and accessible to viewers. Clients should not need to understand all design details as they are not dealing with an apprentice but with a professional expert.

  • Knowledgeable Expert – Web design is not a common job and requires knowledge and expertise to create a captivating and engaging result. It is important to understand that developed ideas and opinions related to the project are based on research and experience in the field. Credibility must be established with customers before the project begins so that decisions are rooted on collective knowledge not instinct.

  • Role of Feedback – Sometimes a customer wants to incorporate personal ideas on a project. This needs to be accomplished in a way so that feedback is accepted and considered to improve the overall layout. On the contrary, outside ideas cannot always be used because everything needs to evaluated and carefully considered before being included in a website design.

  • Communication – It is always important for a Texas website designer to establish an open line of communication with clients who should always feel that they are involved in the design process and deserving of updates about current developments on the project.

  • Internet versus Printed Ads – Advertising in a magazine, newspaper, brochure, pamphlet, and other print media is very different from internet advertising. The internet is interactive and can target specific customers and many new clients don’t understand the difference between the two mediums. As a designer, it is important to educate customers about the distinction to eradicate any misconceptions about the two.

  • Last Minute Changes – There is a great tendency for some clients to make changes at last minute; probably because that is something acceptable within their own hierarchy. It is vital to be clear that minor or major changes can adversely impact a launch deadline because any changes can be a complex process and could extend the time to finish the project.

  • Deadlines are Deadlines – It is certainly true that every client has deadlines to follow; some don’t understand the time it takes to finish a simple project. It is not uncommon to want a project to be finished as soon as possible and impossible deadlines be requested. When this happens, educating customers about setting acceptable and reasonable deadlines is highly important.

  • Understanding Contracts – It is important to educate clients about the importance of a written contract. Before being signed, it must be understood what was included in the contract in order to highlight each parties roles as well as the legal responsibilities of each.

The major role of a Texas website designer is to educate clients about the design process and correct unrealistic expectations which could cause current and future problems. It is unavoidable that negative opinions from clients will be given about the final product. This make it even more imperative to educate clients about the nature of the project, the role of the designer, the duration of the project, the value and timing of client feedback, and the importance of finishing a contract on time. Educating and explaining website to each and every customer will ensure the completion of a quality product in the time frame that is expected!

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