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When having a website created, especially if it is either a new company or a company’s first internet presence, it is critical that the best domain name be chosen as it will be that company’s global internet face. This first step must be done correctly in order to succeed with any Houston search engine optimization that is implemented.

 Domain name selection could be the actual business name, a common or popular nickname for it, or one of the keywords that will primarily be associated with that company. There are several things to remember in picking something that will have a great impact on any Houston search engine optimization endeavor. Below are some of those things that should be considered in any domain name selection process.

 Selection Tips

 Don’t feel rushed in the process, take enough time to make a good selection; take ample time to decide which name to register. It could be the company’s name, a product name, or a phrase common to the business line. For instance, if the business is engaged in selling books, then “bookstore” or the word “book” could be included. Here are some additional tips to help decide the best choice of domain name.

  •  Use .com – As much as possible, try to use .com for the extension as this is the most widely used extension, especially if the website is for a business located in the United States. The second choice would be using .net as this is becoming more acceptable by most internet users.
  • Simple – Avoid any difficult to spell choices or even those where one of the words could be spelled more than on way. Choose a domain name with one possible spelling or something that can be easily spelled.
  • Short – Choose a short name that is again easy to remember, type, and share with friends. Avoid hyphens or underscores and be creative when needing to combine two or more words.
  • Common – Try to avoid numeric substitutions or slang which may be commonly used yet confusing or hard to remember. Only use substitutions that are totally known by most internet users.


A new domain name can cost around $10 for a one-year subscription. One possible alternative to be aware of is that most web design companies include the yearly cost of a domain name in hosting and/or maintenance charges. When selecting a web design company, be sure to ask that the cost of the domain name be included in the overall yearly expenses.

Domain Name Protection

One way to preserve and protect a domain name is to register it with multiple extensions. This means that the website needs to be registered with .net, .org, etc. extensions. Also be sure to include any plural forms that would be applicable to the primary name. This is actually rather important because it prevents a competitor from creating the exact same domain name with a different extension – which would be legitimate to do. All the different extension forms can be redirected to the original site.

Choosing the best domain name can be easier to accomplish by remembering the information outlined above. By making the correct choice at the very beginning of a website, it will be much easier to use Houston search engine optimization to achieve profitable website goals!

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  1. Using your company’s name is very important when selecting a domain name. It can help users to easily and more readily find your site.

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