The Difficulty Of Designing For Responsive Web Usage


Houston SEO TrendsIt has been noted that there has been a recent change in internet connectivity due to an increased usage of hand-held devices because billions of people are using tablets and smart phones. Such a shift from conventional desktops to innovative mobile devices. This has caused any Texas website designer to meet the design process challenges to provide responsive and adaptive interfaces that can be opened in various platforms. This does not really mean desktop devices are disappearing; however, it has resulted in acknowledging that a website must be available to any screen sizes and resolutions without information being distorted.

A Texas website designer can face various challenges and difficulties when providing responsive web design that will provide a different outlook towards any future website project.

  • Conversion Time – The primary challenge to all developers is that responsive design requires a certain amount lot of time to convert. When a website goes mobile, it is going to take more time to convert an existing layout to make it compatible, flexible, and adaptive to various screen sizes and resolutions.
  • Navigation – For larger screens, the top and left navigation menus are more common; for a smaller screen there is an interesting challenge. As adaptive layout becomes more popular, it is difficult to create navigation for smaller screens due to different information architecture requirements as well as a balance between accessibility and information readability, requiring functional and enhanced navigation.
  • Accessibility and Compatibility – The internet has become increasingly vital in everyday life. One of the challenges to web creation is to make a site accessible as much as possible to people of various backgrounds as well as with disabilities to have equal and easy access to internet information. On the other hand, browser compatibility poses another problem and it must be ensure that a website is compatible to different browsers and be able to handle all compatibility issues.
  • Content Readability – Another difficulty faced is the issue of readability which allows searchers to efficiently digest and grasp information. This greatly affects how information is processed by users. It must be ensured that written content is delivered and readable to all users irregardless of backgrounds or age brackets.
  • Site Usability – Usability is the summation of an overall layout presentation. Traffic generation is just part of the totality; however, to complete the equation a website must let visitors become engaged and then compelled to visit over and over again. Visitors must be able to immediately carry out basic tasks; quickly learn and perform any tasks; and be satisfied with being able to utilize the site.

Styles and trends are rapidly shifting as well as client expectations, the majority of whom have iPads that are used during conferences and meetings; it would be a major disappointment if a website did not display as expected. Anticipating such a scenario and offering professional advice about the importance of responsive design has become a real challenge to designers. The challenges listed above are only a few of the many constantly faced. Being aware of such factors can help to balance aesthetics, functionality, client expectations, and responsive design selection for the next web layout project!

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    • Absolutely! Mobile searches are only increasing and not having a mobile capable site can greatly hurt traffic to your business and products. It maybe take time and cost but it will more than make up for itself down the road. Be sure to consult with a professional web design firm to do it correctly and cost effectively.

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