The 5 Things Every Small Business Web Design Should Avoid!


As business has increasingly taken to the web, having an attractive, functional website is essential to stay competitive. This is especially true for small businesses, where every new customer counts. Having a great web design, created by the best web designers, helps bring in those new customers. Before a small company decides to jump right in and throw up a website, they need to seriously consider working with the best web design company. Having the best, most effective website depends on more than just the qualities every site should have; it also involves knowing the important things to avoid.

1. Overstated Design

Website design must be attractive and generate interest as it is the first thing seen when a user clicks on a link to that site. Nonetheless, there is a huge difference between a site that is attractive and innovative in comparison to one that has been overdone. Designs that are too flashy, too complicated, or busy can be distracting and actually harm rather than help a website. Unfortunately, these web designs that overuse design elements are a commonly seen problem.

2. Lack of Mobile Compatibility

Today, a website must be mobile-friendly. Google demands it and will penalize any non-compatible websites with a lower pager rank. Research also shows users require mobile sites as well. With over 50 percent of web traffic coming from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, ignoring this unnecessary extra design can be a grave mistake on the part of even the best web designers.

3. Non-Working Social Media Buttons

There are only two reasons why website social media buttons do not work – either the link is missing or that business does not subscribe to that particular social media website. Both of these mistakes are significant and can negatively affect a company’s trust factor with users. Today, every business needs to have social pages on important social sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Social media provides invaluable exposure every business needs. Once these pages are created, the best web design company will ensure they are properly linked into the actual business website to make them easy to find.

4. Misunderstood Target Audience

A target audience is important for marketing and content creation; however, it is also critical for determining a company website’s best design. Styles, colors, and functionality will differ, depending on audience demographics and usage. Not determining the best target audience and catering to that need reduces both user-friendliness and conversions.

5. Lack of Obvious Direction

Once users click on a website, important elements such as call to action buttons and direction links must be easily identifiable. Users want to find information, make a purchase, or checkout. Leaving viewers to get lost on a website without important, clear directives is not good web design and a common mistake that cost a company lost business when a user cannot locate what a business wanted them to see.

The above mistakes are important to avoid, since it reduce the effectiveness of a website. Creating a suitable and unique web design takes time and experience, since no two businesses are the same. To most easily avoid these common, yet costly blunders, a small business can benefit by enlisting the expertise of the best web design company. A professional site, created by the best web designers, avoids these important mistakes. A good website provides effective design that attracts customers and facilitates desired conversions!

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