Template vs. Custom Design – What Is Best?


From products to businesses to individual professions, it is easy to find a market over the internet;Houston_Web_Designers building a website is the way to reach this global market. In the early days of the internet, establishing an online presence meant having to build a website from scratch with the help of Houston web designers who could custom code one for each client. Now, it is much easier to build one using a template.

So what is really the best option between the two? Following are some tips to help determine what would be the best option for individual needs by examining template and custom design as well as respective pros and cons.


  • Advantage – A template is like a ready-made website. It has all the elements that an average website would need, such as a pre-set layout, a place for the content, and a site map that is already designed. The only thing left to do is select which features that are available are wanted and then fill it with content. The customization elements are usually with the layout, graphics and other visual elements; the rest is pretty well pre-determined.
  • Advantage – Already built designs are created with ease of use in mind. It is meant to be that way so that anyone lacking web design skills can build a website for a very low cost. Some more elaborate templates are available for free, although functionality is often very limited. Some templates with advanced functionality and looks are sold and although more costly than basic ones, still cost less than building a website from scratch.
  • Drawback – The biggest advantage of using a template is its low cost and ability to be used without needing to know web design. The disadvantage of a template is the same as its advantage that any one can use it which means there are thousands of websites with a similar design and uniqueness is just not possible. There’s also very limited functionality so it cannot handle every application that may be desire of a website.


  • Advantage – A custom website is one that is built from scratch with as much function and uniqueness as is desired, allowing an owner to choose how the finished product will look like and function, making it something as unique as the product or service being sold. It is the job of Houston web designers to build, design, and even manage a website.
  • Advantage – The advantage to building a custom design is that all the elements and functions are specific to the purpose of that one website. New design techniques that would improve the usability of the site can certainly be included. It could also be edited and changed whenever additional functions arises are needed in the future. It would also allow for all management, updating and marketing to be done by someone else and not by the website’s owner.
  • Drawback – The only downside to a custom design is the cost. It can cost significantly more than a template because of the time and effort needed to do the necessary work to create a unique website. Of course, such cost is justifiable because a professionally-designed website can perform as required as well as can be further improved and upgraded whenever additional functions are required.

Deciding between a template and a custom website depends basically on the function and sophistication required and the budget. A template would be an ideal option for those who only need the most basic functionality and are on a tight budget. On the other hand, a custom option is suitable for those who want a professional website with all required functionality that can deliver necessary services to its customers. Which one is best? That will always be an individual choice!

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  1. Templates seem like a good idea even though they aren’t as unique. Is it possible to make a template stand out from other ones?

    • Adding your colors, logos, and images will make a template unique to you, but keep in mind another business could have picked out the same template, so the layout will be similar.

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