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Austin Website DesignAs computers get smarter and faster and the limitations of desktop versions are removed, the world of Austin website design has seen many innovations. Building a website hasn’t changed that much; what has changed is the way different page elements are handled, based on the type of website and its purpose. In reality, there is no longer a standard website style; instead there are types designed according to goals and functionality.

SEO Starts At The Beginning

One of the main differences with SEO today is that it is now built into good website planning rather than added on as an afterthought later. This can mean as little as being sure to fill out meta descriptions and tags on all web pages or using specific content and layout strategies. The only way to make this work is by understanding the intent of the website and the targeted audience. Input from clients is more important than ever in order to create an efficient website that creates the desired image regarding current layout looks and trends.

Importance of Responsive Web Design

Every website wants to be seen by viewers and the current evolution of responsive web design is important. Internet connectivity is done less on desktop computers and more on smart phones, tablets, and notebooks. No one screen size is normal anymore, which is why responsive design was developed and used so freely.

By using this new technology, websites are much more usable from mobile devices now than they used to be. If static or fluid web design is still being used with no consideration for mobile viewing platforms, it is past time to get a website reworked to include responsive Austin website design before being left in the internet dust.

Concentration on Content

Having precise, well-written, and useful content is crucial from both a user and optimization standpoint. Content is not just three or four sentences with updates and announcements surrounded by advertisements or other distractions. The definition of good content has been refined by Google in particular and greatly affects all of a website, from SEO to the visual design. Content must be valuable information that is presented in an interesting, readable manner as well as clear, concise, correctly, and comfortably integrated into the layout.

Usability is Essential

Because of the way SEO works as well as the fact that Google has gradually become more and more strict on the qualities of a good website, usability cannot be ignored. Visitors must be able to easily use a website for its intended purposes; having any usage difficulties means that location is not user-friendly.

Usability is focused on navigation menus, search functions, page URLs and visual layout simplicity that does not leave visitors questioning how to progress through a website. Without usability, there is a risk of causing visitors to leave early, slowing the indexing process, and not achieving good optimization, all of which translates into less traffic and fewer conversions.

Even though the web building process has changed, it is pretty much the same just with a stronger focus on how to keep a website functional and informative. These topics have always been a part of internet designing – there is just more emphasis placed on all of the elements. All parts of the whole Austin website design picture can be an influence either positively or negatively This is all part of the changing web world – for the better!

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    • Open your website on a smartphone or tablet browser: if the site is displayed in the same way on your PC but smaller because the browser has zoom it out to fit the screen width, it is likely that the site is not responsive.

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