Summertime And The SEO Is Reviving!


Houston SEOWorking on SEO and business website marketing strategies is an ongoing job. No matter what is happening with a company, a website must be monitored for areas needing help and hard work to keep up with optimization. Even though some seasons may be slower than others, a business cannot afford to lose ground by taking a break with Houston SEO efforts even for a little while. If anything, it is better at slow times to revisit current optimization practices and look for ways to improve. So, don’t that moment slip away – it’s time to get busy!

Stay Connected with Social Media

Even if it is a slow period because of vacations or holidays, there is one thing that is consistent. Workers may walk away from desks; however, the internet and specifically social sites such as Facebook and Twitter are always busy and do not slow down, even if business has.

A slow period is a perfect time to review social pages, make necessary improvements, and continue posting and sharing, adding more blog entries and links to social profiles. Monitor site trends with analytics to follow the influence of social media postings on company profiles and website. Continue to update regularly so that posts will pass down follower news feeds. Staying relevant by appearing on news feeds is an important aspect that allows social media to work its best; so use available time to update profiles and continue sharing with others.

Monitor Website Statistics

Google Analytics or any other available online analytics toolboxes play an important role in keeping websites optimized, especially in an ever-changing SEO landscape. While it is always advisable to monthly monitor statistics reports, slower days that offer more open time are when such reports should be printed and closely examined with a fine-toothed comb.

Look for trouble spots, good and bad trends, and review demographics. Interpret if the website is reaching the right audience or if it needs to be refocused. Analyze system and website performance and look for problems that need to be repaired. Use the time as “spring cleaning” for a company’s website to get all the dust bunnies out and replace them with better SEO techniques, improved web code if necessary, and better functionality.

Work on Link Building

With every Google algorithm update, the quality of incoming links has become more and more important. As Google works to get rid of spam links and the websites that are benefiting from poor-quality links, it is definitely something to notice.

Generating incoming links is not easy, so what better time than the slow season to evaluate existing links and the strategies used to gain them? Research highly ranked sites incoming links. It may be time to consider more press releases, article directory submissions, or simply spending time connecting with other bloggers and websites. Most of all, get rid of any spam links causing bad connections.

Slower work months can be useful for catching up on looking at how a website and optimization efforts are working. With less daily pressure, it is the perfect time to start such a project and see it through. Then when business picks up again, Houston SEO has been fine tuned and ready to bring in improved results!

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  1. Really glad this popped into my feed – now I realize what I can do with my spare summer time other than some r&r – good suggestions here!

    • lol – well I didn’t say you have to do this every minute of the day, just sometimes – enjoy any time off!

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