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Texas_Web_DesignOne of the ways for a business website to remain productive and efficient is to periodically update appearance and function with a redesign. Even if current performance is good, it is important to keep all websites updated in regard to contemporary web design and technology; doing so will maintain credibility and customer trust. If a redesign is in the near future, it would be wise to contact an experienced Texas web design company to help keep the process as smooth and painless as possible. Here are a few considerations about what areas might need attention and what can be done to help determine what kind of redesign may be needed and what should be involved.

Freshen Visual Appeal

Just as different styles of clothing go in and out of fashion, the same can be said for website design. As improvements and advances in technology occur that offer more and more options, certain design styles become very appealing. While this does not mean a business website should be changed every time a new design style becomes popular, if a website looks outdated, it is time to consider something a bit more progressive and modern. First impressions are very important, so making a good one with refreshed web design demonstrates a company wanting to be up-to-date on current technology that will affect a website’s appearance.

Improve User Functionality

Along with a better appearance, advances in web technology continue to offer more options to create a better user experience. This would involve a re-evaluation of website goals, user-friendliness, and functionality prior to beginning the planning for a redesign. The next step would be to consider adding additional, useful features to increase user experience as well as review internal structure and navigation to consider any changes to the page layout itself. Businesses that have been monitoring analytics reports with the help of a Texas web design firm should also be able to identify areas where there may be problems such as frequent abandoned shopping carts, dead-end pages, and anything else that could be hindering efficiency and a positive visitor experience.

Improve Content

Having good quality content that address contemporary issues is always a customer-pleasing website feature. When planning a redesign, it is also a good time to review website content and make any necessary corrections such as grammatical errors, images no longer loading, and anything else on a nonfunctional, outdated nature. If a web page has content with Flash or JavaScript coding that has slowed loading speeds or does not function properly, consider removing such elements or come up with a different way to easily present such information.

Website redesigns can be as minor or major as is necessary, depending on the condition of the original site. Some may only need a general clean-up and performance evaluation to make to look and function better. Others may need an extensive top-to-bottom rejuvenation, something that a good Texas web design company would be better equipped to handle. Good planning to ensure that company internet goals are being reached; websites being as user-friendly as possible; and having an appearance that performs on any mobile platform will always bring the best results!

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  1. My website definitely needs some updating, if I found a website that has a design I really like, is there any way I could copy some elements from it, or is that legal? Don’t know if you know anything on the subject, but let me know if you do!

    • I hear this a lot actually. An idea can’t really be owned by anyone, but the execution can. Basically you can’t just grab elements from a pre-existing site and change the colors to call it your own. However, this is good that you know what you want! That’s half the battle of any redesign. Any designer worth his weight can use these examples on the internet to create a design that is aligned with your tastes, yet uniquely yours. Good luck!

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