Spun Articles are on Google’s Watch List


SEO in HoustonA good website not only requires fresh content; originality counts too. Those who are uninformed about SEO in Houston, may find out the hard way that the wild swings of how a website appears in the search engine results pages is caused because they are violating Google’s set of quality content guidelines. Google has made it clear that any content on an internet page that is considered to be spun is a negative factor and the website is subject to blacklisting on the search engine results pages (SERP).


When it comes to content, the proper SEO is done by posting unique articles to a website. Some articles have simply been rewritten or “spun” from another original one and is just a reworded version that often doesn’t even make sense anymore. Spinning can be done automatically using different available software applications. Most search engines are aware of this approach and have great tools to detect any website utilizing such methods.

Negative Impact

Spun articles will negatively impact a website. Even the best spinner software will greatly reduce any article’s quality. It replaces certain words without thought and coherence, making it extremely difficult to read. Another negative impact is finding websites where these illicit compositions can be posted. It is extremely difficult to connect with friendly links and respectable blog networks; in addition, article directories are much more strict about the quality of published work and will sanction those detected utilizing such techniques.

Reasons for Quality

There are many software applications available today that use “black hat” techniques and can seriously harm any SEO in Houston endeavors. Following are some reasons to invest in original, fresh, quality content.

  • Legitimate – Fresh, timely, original, and relevant content is what search engines look for from web pages, blog networks and article directories. By providing legitimate compositions on a regular basis, a website will rank higher on the results pages.
  • Quality – Quality articles are produced with new ideas, concepts, and strategies. This type of work will be found more relevant and interesting to read. Readers will stay and scan other pages to find helpful details about the products or services offered.
  • Original – There can never be too many original articles, not with so many different people with different perspectives. The use of spun articles leaves the possibility that a website will be labeled as using material copied from another site.
  • Reputation – Spinning is unethical, destroying a company’s reputation and credibility; a website can be labeled as using non-original material. No company wants to risk destroying credibility by such methods.
  • Creativity – Creativity can be expressed through original composition, which also encourages readers to come back for more, and increases the possibility of achieving healthy backlinks.

By learning about the negative impact spun articles can have on a website, companies must produce original articles as part of an SEO in Houston campaign. Original articles will keep web pages on top of the search engine results pages – and keep it off of Google’s watch list!

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    • Yes, if they’re worded almost to the point that they don’t make sense, or a word seems really out of place, it’s usually a spun article.

    • Yes we like to lead by example and every one of our articles are completely original. Beware, Google penalizes harshly for duplicate or unoriginal content!

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