Special Thanks to Our Veterans


Today is Memorial Day in the U.S., a day set aside for Americans to remember our US Service members who died while in service to our country. As a Veteran of the United States Air Force, this day has special meaning to me. I think of my brothers and sisters that I served with in my short stint as a Crew Chief on the F117 in the 49 Fighter Wing at Holloman Air Force Base. Several of them continued their service to this day and I thank them.

I took a lot away from the military including self discipline and honor, but the biggest things were the Air Force’s Core Values as I incorporated them into Web Unlimited’s Core Values:

  • Integrity First
  • Excellence in All That We Do
  • Service Before Self

This day is also special to me because of my Dad, Michael Hunter, who served in the Air Force for 23 years and then another 15 as a Civil Servant. He was in Military Intelligence and as a child I grew up with the saying when I asked him what he did, “I could tell you that son, but I’d have to kill you.”

I thought he was just joking, but after my own service and security clearances found out he really wasn’t. Who knew?

When my Dad retired from the Air Force (for his second time) he came to work for Web Unlimited as my lead programmer and was instrumental in several projects such as SmartISD (our school district website management software), CopyWrite CMS (our small business website management software) and several in-house projects as well.

Two years ago, my Dad lost his eight month fight with pancreatic cancer. He put up a tough fight, but in the end, the cancer was tougher.

So today, I want to say a special Thank You to all Veterans currently serving and of prior service. Our country and world are forever indebted to your service and honor.


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  1. Freedom isn’t free!!!! thanks to ALL our military for their service and some their sacrifice for the USA’s freedom!!!!!!!!!!!God bless you all!

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